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Kenneth J. KOSTYO

 Presentation - Program

Born in 1970
World Citizen Card number : 24783
Address : Amsterdam (Netherlands)


 World Democracy Library, Amsterdam

Founder, Managing Director, and Corporate Secretary, November 2004 - present. Work with a group of dedicated activists establishing a legal entity to house a variety of transnational projects of the global governance democratization movement including the establishment of transnational democracy foundations and a school and library. Manage all of the legal requirements ; Planning basic projects and fundraising strategies and drafting work plans, budgets, and related documents ; Establishing relationships with related civil society groups ; Commencing initial fundraising activities. Also act as a consultant to other civil society entities on governance issues.

Wereld Federalisten Beweging Nederland (WBFN) The Hague, The Netherlands.

Board of Directors Member, Assistant Treasurer, Chair of Communications May 2006 - present. Work Group Communications Development, June 2006 - present. Member and Assistant to the International Secretary, February 2002 - present. Active with a long-standing transnational not-for profit organization promoting democracy, good governance, and human rights at the international level ; currently the Dutch Membership Organization of the World Federalist Movement. Have attended several International Council meetings and Congresses over the year. Active in many areas, but currently focusing on developing an outward Focused communications program in honor of the WFBN's upcoming sixtieth anniversary. This will be a broadly functional virtual resource center on the entire spectrum of the history of and current movement for world Democracy.

Declaration of intention

I am an international lawyer by trade. For the last several years I have been focusing exclusively on building a resource center and network for a sustainable worldwide movement for democratization of global governance. If elected to the Peoples Congress, I will utilize that position to further this work. Currently my primary focus is building a recognized communications center for the entire world democracy movement (e.g. webpage, bibliography, electronic chat room, calendar, etc.).

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