Survey acceptance of the mandate of those elected to the Administration Council.


20/10/2008 :

To work by correspondence

The Registry of WC is an association of players and officials are scattered across the globe. This is the normal nature of an organization like ours, but this dispersion is an obstacle to democratic decision-making, and therefore the progress of global citizenship. Our Administration Council can not meet often, and when it meets, but at the price of long and expensive trips that may deter many and thus discourage them.

To do that, in its meeting on 29 April 2008, the Office of the Registry of WC decided to test decision-making by correspondence: e-mail or, alternatively, post.

Who can participate?

Elected members of the Administration Council (currently 31 persons)

However, the vote in the General Assembly is "indicative" because it implies an acceptance of office by the person concerned, except for those who have applied.

In other words, all those who had not applied or have not yet made use of their mandate (which would be acceptance), they are asked today to formally accept or reject the mandate. See table below.

What is the mode of consultation?

The preferred method is electronic mail (e-mail).

The subjects of consultation will be distributed to those who have an email address for the mailing list and discussion ca_rcm()

However NINE administrators do not have such means. They will be forced to respond to consultations by mail.

What is the validity of consultations?

The rule of validity of consultations to the Administration Council is the absolute majority of members present. This rule will apply to all Council members who have previously accepted their mandate.

What time?

One month.

What will be the subject of consultation by correspondence?

These decisions generally relatively large and relatively urgent or necessary for the good or the progress of all our global institutions.

By "important" one must understand the decisions about the structure and organization of our services and costs unusual.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation

Daniel Durand


Vote: I accept my mandate as member of the Administration Council