For the foundation of a "Council of mundialized cities, municipalities and territories".

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20/11/2008 :


Historically, the first mundialization dating from the same period (1949) that the creation of W.C. Registry and use the same approach: registration as W.C is an individual, while the globalization of cities and municipalities are collective . Fallen into oblivion some time, mundialization has taken resolute in the early 1970s, and a Commission of mundialization there since then, linked to the work of Roger and Renee Volpellière, Henri Cainaud, Georges Mary, Guy and Renée Marchand and others. For over 10 years, Roger Winterhalter behind this committee with success quite remarkable: Lutterbach, St-Nolff, Chelles, Le Haucourt, Grambois (France), Boulock (Gambia) Gjilan (Kosovo), Dario ( Nicaragua), Kalonge, Kashusha, Mbanza Ngungu, Muchungiko (DR Congo), Kohë (Togo), Stabroek (Belgium), etc. ....

On the proposal of the Board of Registry (meeting of 29 April 2008 ), accepted by the Commission on 28 October 2008, this is now an department of Registry.

However, the revision of Annex 2 to the Regulations of the Peoples Congress, passed in 1st reading on 28 March 2008, leads us to further reorganization. While the Commission of Mundializations consisted only of World Citizens concerned, the new text provides that the geographic communities called to vote in the Peoples Congress are effectively represented by delegation within the working groups.

Meanwhile, in 1966 had been created to Japan a World Council for mundialization, whose headquarters was in Hiroshima, and the Japanese Council of mundialized cities, whose headquarters was in Kyoto. These two organizations are no longer a memory stored in the municipalities concerned.

The proposal submitted by a vote of the Board of the Registry is to transform the Commission into a Council representative Council of mundialized geographic communities to make them stakeholders of development activities that affect them.

If the vote is positive, the final name and the internal arrangements will be defined during a meeting.

Question: Do you agree with the creation of a representative of cities and municipalities mundialized instead of the current commission? (required majority: 11 votes)

Vote : YES : 19

NO : 1