Article 1: Declaration

An Association is hereby established between the Followers of the current By-laws governed by the July 1st, 1901 Law and those of the August 16th, 1901 decree known as the

Registry of World Citizens

Article 2: Goals

The Goals of the Association are:

1. To register any Human Being from any Country who recognizes Himself or Herself as a World Citizen;

2. To give rise as soon as possible to a Citizenship, a world sovereignty and democratic world institutions.

Article 3: Headquarters

The Headquarters shall be located in PARIS (13th) 66 Boulevard Vincent Auriol .

The Headquarters may be transferred at the Board’s discretion .

Article 4: Composition

The Association shall consist exclusively of:

a) Ordinary members

b) Associate members

Article 5: Admission

In order to become a Member of the Association, formal acceptance must first occur by the Bureau which decides about the presented admission request during its meetings.

Article 6: Definitions - Members

Ordinary Members are those who are appointed by the RWC to register new Citizens of the world .

They include:

- The RWC managers,

- No more than three (3) individuals from each Registry center affiliated with the RWC.

Associate Members shall be defined as the following:

Individuals accepted by the Bureau and agreeing to voluntary work in the registry administration and/or facilitating in the international dissemination of the concept(s) of international world citizenship.

Article 7: Termination of Membership

Membership may be terminated by any of the following conditions:

  1. Resignation;
  2. Death;
  3. Extenuating Circumstances determined to be beyond the control of such Member; the Member being invited to give to the Office both an oral and/or written explanation regarding same;
  4. For Ordinary members, withdrawal of the Registration Agreement;
  5. Any other situation(s) as provided in the internal regulations.

Article 8: Resources

The Association resources include the following:

  1. Registration fees paid by the World Citizens;
  2. Voluntary contributions from individuals and registration centers;
  3. Donations and subsidies;
  4. Other financial means as provided in the internal regulations.

Article 9: Administrative Council

The Association shall be controlled and managed by a council of Members elected for a 4-year term by the General Assembly. The number of counselors shall be established by the internal regulations. Members shall be eligible for re-election.

The Administrative Council shall select, by a secret vote, a Board from among its Members, including the following posts:

  1. a President;
  2. one or more vice-presidents;
  3. a secretary and, if determined necessary, an assistant secretary;
  4. a treasurer and, if determined necessary, an assistant treasurer.

Article 10: Administrative Council meeting

Following an invitation from the President or a formal request from ¼ of the voting members, the Administrative Council shall meet a minimum of one time each year.

Decisions shall be determined by majority of the votes of the counselors present; in the case of equal votes the President shall then cast the deciding vote.

Council member(s), who absent reasonable cause miss 3 (three) consecutive Meetings, shall be considered as resigning from such post.

No one may be considered as part of the Council if not of full age.

Article 11: General Ordinary Assembly

The General Ordinary Assembly shall include all the members of the Association regardless of title and meet at least every two years.

Members shall be invited, by the Secretary, at least 30 days before the fixed appointment. The agenda shall be indicated on the invitation. The member(s) who are unable to attend shall give a proxy to a person of their choice in accordance with the regulations as provided in the Internal Regulations.

The President, assisted by the board members, shall preside the Assembly and report the Association activities.

The Treasurer shall present his bookkeeping report and the balance sheets for approval.

At the end of the agenda the Assembly shall proceed, by secret vote, to the replacements of the previous board.

During the General Assembly:

Only questions included in the agenda will be discussed;

The vote regulations shall necessarily be the one used at the moment the invitation was issued .

The General Assembly might deliberate validly after a first appointment only in cases when one quarter (1/4) of the members are present or someone is appearing for them;

In cases in which the quorum has not been reached, a second invitation shall be sent a minimum of fifteen (15) days before the new appointment. The delay between the two (2) appointments shall not exceed three (3) months. At the second meeting, no quorum shall be required to enable the General Assembly to discuss validly.

Article 12 : Extraordinary General Assembly

If needed and upon the request of greater than one half of the members , the President may organize an extraordinary General Assembly according to regulations provided in article 11.The quorum conditions are stated in article 11. The extraordinary general assembly shall only approve the by-laws and their corrections

Article 13 : Internal regulations

The internal regulations shall clarify all the issues not addressed in the by-laws especially those pertaining to the association administration . As established by the Administrative Council ,they may be enforced immediately after the end of the session at which they were established The internal regulations, the articles new or modified shall be submitted for the approval of the following Ordinary General Assembly.

Article 14 : Dissolution

In case a dissolution is accepted by at least two third of the members present or represented at the General Extraordinary Assembly, one or several official liquidators shall be appointed ; if such be the case the assets are devolved in accordance with Article 9 of the July 1st 1901 law and the August 16,1901 decree .


PARIS, October 28, 2000