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To be a World Citizen is to bet for the survival of humanity.. Jean ROSTAND.

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Le Registre des Citoyens du Monde est, depuis 1949, le seul organisme dans le monde habilité à distribuer des cartes d'identité de Citoyens du Monde directement aux individus ou par l'intermédiaire de "centres" qu'il a accrédités. Comme "service d'état civil mondial" il travaille à l'établissement du corps électoral mondial.

A World Citizen is a person who recognizes that he or she belongs to the world community, behaves in accordance with this identity, and calls for global problems to be dealt with by democratic global institutions.

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March 29, 2022

The Russian attack on Ukraine shows the need for a reform of the UN as the world organization has proven unable to step in and maintain international peace and security. In many cases, the UN Security Council is paralyzed because one of its permanent five members blocks decisions using its veto right. This was done by Russia most recently.

This is an opportunity to look again at how "a renewed world organization for the 21st century" could be designed in the opinion of our Executive Director Andreas Bummel. In a discussion paper, he suggested the creation of a decision-making mechanism that rests on two pillars: an assembly of equal executive representatives of individual countries like today’s UN General Assembly and a World Parliamentary Assembly that consists of individual delegates elected by the world’s population.

These two assemblies would elect a 30-member "Joint Security Committee" that is charged with matters of global peace and security. Today's Security Council would no longer exist. No permanent members. No veto right.

March 3, 1966 - March 3, 2022: 56 years!

On March 3, 1966, 13 world-renowned personalities launched this appeal which has not lost its topicality:

" In the absence of supernational law, nations are obliged to resort to force to defend their interest. The consequence : war, voluntary or accidental ; and war, since the splitting of the atom and the development of bacteriological weapons becomes the absurd "final solution" the genocide of the human race.

Without world institutions able to assure the fundamental needs common to all, man is helpless. Two thirds of humanity suffer from hunger while immense riches are wasted.

At the same time, scientific and technical progress make it possible to organize a world community of peace and abundance where fundamental liberties would be guaranteed to individuals, peoples and nations.

Why this contradiction ? Because governments, (...)

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To all citizens of the world

We declare our solidarity with the peoples of Ukraine and Russia who do not want this war.

The murderous invasion is not only an attack on Ukraine. It is an attack on the freedom and democracy of all of us.

We, World Citizens, declare that violent wars with bombs and murders are never a solution against different opinions.A global cry against violent deaths is launched today, February 26, 2022, by millions of people, including citizens of the world.

Only the word PEACE is valid, no other word can express the desires of the people. War is a negation of peace.


This declaration is the result of a meeting of 20 esperantist World Citizens from 12 countries and three continents held by videoconference on Friday, February 25.

René Wadlow

April 5, 2022

Conscience: The Inner Voice of the Higher Self

The United Nations General Assembly has designated 5 April as the International Day of Conscience. An awakened conscience is essential to meeting the challenges which face humanity today as we move into the World Society. The great challenge which humanity faces today is to leave behind the culture of violence in which we find ourselves and move rapidly to a culture of peace and solidarity. We can achieve this historic task by casting aside our ancient national, ethnic, and social prejudices and begin to think and act as responsible Citizens of the World.

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Among the latest articles signed by René Wadlow :

A book

A World Government in Action
Thomas Nordstrom has written a useful book which more accurately should have been calles "The Need for a World Government in Action". He outlines many of the challenges facing the world society and stresses that the United Nations does not have the authority or the power to deal with these challenges adequately. The challenges are interrelated and thus must be faced in an interrelated way.

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MUNDIALISM is all the ideas and actions expressing the solidarity of populations of the globe and aiming to establish institutions and supranational laws of a federative structure common to them, while respecting the diversity of cultures and peoples.

MUNDIALISM is also a scientific approach to social and inter-individual phenomena as seen from the world point of view.

MUNDIALISM is striving to propose a new political organization of humanity involving the transfer of certain parts of national sovereignty to a World Federal Authority capable of solving, by majority decisions, the problems which call into question the future of the human race, such as : hunger, war, pollution, over-population and energy.

The requirements of MUNDIALISM will not be satisfied with the obligations of international treaties or agreements that lack the force of law.

Mundialism lexicon

Violence, wars, terrorism, misery, hunger, pollution, waste of fossil resources, hoarding, selfishness, demography, monetary disorder, corruption, exodus,

Transformation of international institutions

Education, information, citizenship, solidarity, respect, welcoming, sharing, real democracy...

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