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The World Citizen Identity Card is the public recognition of a world civic duty of mutual protection the obvious necessity of which quickly appeared as soon as the end of World War II.

The fact of requesting a World Identity Card is first a moral step of refusal allied with a gesture of common sense, in front of an international system which has become absurd because it is technically obsolete. Since 1945, the Sovereign States have proved totally unable to deal with the problems, needs and dangers which have become the common lot of every man. They drive human groups against each other, they crush them under the burden of taxes to maintain a defensive peace, they make small states the slaves of big ones, and in the name of economic and moral enlistments they destroy the freedoms and values of civilization which were laboriously won through centuries of fighting. They drive the entire human race to the unpredictable destructions brought about by atomic and bacteriological war, followed by the technocratic oppression of victorious headquarters.

Without any illusion, without any superfluous enthusiasm, he who requests this card simply recognizes that the problem of a democratic organization is stated, that it needs studying and that new means and techniques must be discovered in view to its solving.

He knows that even if the World Citizens' work has no decisive influence upon the course of immediate events, it is none the less necessary to multiply, in every country, the centres of research, education and interven tion which will obscurely experiment new methods in order to ensure minimum protections for each man and for humanity as a whole, thanks to minimum world laws.

This identity card means essentially that its bearer recognizes

1) that the world has become One by its technical and economic links and that time has come to organize it.

2) that the word "Humanity" has ceased to be an abstract word and a mere hope to become, since the end of World War II a crowd of men equally threatened by the same dangers, terrified by the same anguish and driven by the same essential needs, faced with series of new problems.

3) that, on their actual basis, neither the States nor the organized classes are able to take in charge and guarantee the defence of the common needs of humanity, crowds compelling them to violence, that is atomic war.

4) that only a World Law, ensuring individuals and peoples of minimum world liberties and guarantees and equally recognized and respected by every state, will be able to put an end to mutual fears and to the race to armaments.

5) that World institutions with a strictly limited technical competence aiming at instauring world peace instruments, are indispensable to establish the confidence necessary to the setting up of a World Federation.

6) that these institutions will have to be created and controlled in a democratic way, proportionally to the population of the various countries.

7) that this demographic representation, which is the only democratic way to establish the world community and ensure the independence of small nations, must be secured, first by elections to the People's Constituent Assembly. Its purpose is to give a Constitution to the world, that is to set up the first world institutions.

The bearer of this card remains free to look for himself for his scope and means of action in the most various fields, to find the attitudes and actions which might keep alive the new responsibility awakened in himself.

As he receives it, he does not become a member of an organization or a Movement. He simply becomes an elector to the People's Constituent Assembly (and, in the meantime to the People's Congress or other provisional Assembly).


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