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Report about the Session of the People's Congress

Brasilia, Brazil, 10 - 16 May 2009

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Part 1: Record of discussions

The following points were discussed:

Functioning of the Peoples Congress

Presidency: Following the resignation pf President Heloisa Primavera,implementation will be made of Article 8.4 of the Regulations.

Finances: The question of opening a new account on behalf of the Peoples Congress was studied.The safest solution seems to pass by the Committees for the Peoples Congress to set up as according to the appropriateness.There is in France a committee which can be reactivated if any person would be available for this task.When this Committee will be functional again,there could be launched a call for contribution by the registered World Citizens.The treasurer should be surrounded by an active team looking for new financial resources.The funding sources are analyzed as coming from two sources:

  • Persons undertaking voluntary periodic contributions
  • Institutions of project financing

Invitations:Regular meetings are scheduled to take place every 18 months if possible on a different continent at every time..Attention is given to the issue of invitations and accessibility of the meeting venue.As solution appears in the specialization of a local organization of ASCOP to anticipate all foreseeable cases and allow participation without problem of anyone who worked in the context of this meeting whether elected to the Peoples Congress or representatives of an organization of mundialist civil society(ASCOP)

ASCOP's Position: Daniel Durand reads an excerpt of a statement taken from an e-mail dated April 10, according to which ''members of the Consultative Assembly of the Peoples Congress(ASCOP) are there to support the work of the Peoples Congress in order to give an additional means for progress towards its goals''

haut de pageStatus as defender of human rights

Very often,the defenders of human rights are worried because of their activities,to imprisonment or interdiction from a few days stay.. An international convention under the auspices of the U.N. has been established(53/144) http;/www.unhchr.ch/huridoca.nsf/(Symbol)A/RESS.53.144.Fr?OpenDocument

However there are inadequacies and non-compliance of engagements

Members of the Peoples Congress present in Brasilia decide by consensus to create an organism regrouping all persons or associations in order to create a global institution of human rights.

This institution will comprise of a legal and social body emanating from NGO's or organisms or anyone pursuing the same orientations for the defence or protection of human rights.

For this purpose the realization as soon as possible of human rights charter is envisaged for laying down the definitions and concrete actions for the defence of human rights.The final text should serve as the Defender of Human Rights from now on in countervailing power.


The Peoples Congress received the call to speak on the status of migrants.In response,it agreed to the establishment of a working group which will aim to study both legal and financial means resulting in the establishment of a 'global status of migrants''The idea of a ''coalition'' of the Rights of migrants goes back to the previous proposal of a global human rights institution.

Human Civil Status;

Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights provides that everyone has the right to a nationality.But the reality is far from that.A great number of people do not have any ''legal existence''.

They have no civil status either because they were not registered or that their names were removed.To these are added those who are in difficulty with the idea or the fact of the nationality,of membership to a nation and who wish to be recognized as human beings and not as nationals


  • that the World Citizens Registry . was created to establish world electoral lists
  • and that by necessity based on the question of identity do participate in this constitution.

the Peoples Congress declares that every human being is entitled to a recognized existence and identity..It entrusts to the World Citizens Registry the organization of this civil status. It recommends to the Registry to make proof of discernment and the necessary reserves in the realization of this task.

haut de page European Directive of Return:

The present Assembly in Brasilia has heard the report of Daniel Durand who presented the work conducted at the initiative of the Group of World Citizens in Correze(France) and whose petition has gathered 350 signatures.On March ,2009 the World Citizens Centre in Correze sent the results of this petition to various officials and elected Europeans but without much success.The Centre wishes that the Peoples Congress act by the European authorities in reaffirming the rights to every human being.

This issue has sparked a heated debate because the problems of migration are not felt everywhere on earth with the same seriousness.

Nevertheless,the problem is not just only European.It concerns more and more countries that are slowly sinking in xenophobic policies.The United States against Mexico,Haitians and Dominicans in the other Caribbean islands,growing problems among African countries where the search for national identity is still done by mimicry of the former colonizers,not to mention the situation in Sri Lanka and several countries of the former USSR. The initiative of the World Citizens group of Correze call upon the Peoples Congress on the situation in Europe.That is what the Peoples Congress should respond to as well as to calls that may come from other parts of the planet on the same subject.

Finally the assembly is in agreement by consensus on the necessary action.People who will get involved and the ways to implement are yet to be defined.

Global People within the United Nations

Following ASCOP's debate on the sixtieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights(http:/www.recim.org/ascop/debat02-fr.htm)(January 2008),a joint declaration has been produced which was signed among others by 30 organizations.http:/www.recim.org/ascop/dudh60fr.htm. The next step already announced at the press conference on September 4 in Paris. http:/www.recim.org/ascop/pr11.fr.htm is to make it possible that the people of the world be directly represented at the U.N..This project is not that of representation made by elected representatives(eg UNPA project) but the presence of a voice of the people inside the United Nations like the girl who spoke before the senate in Brazil on the Amazonia.And to achieve this goal the ''Act For Human Rights'' would want to see the establishment of a broad coalition whose first members are the thirty signatory organizations .But before proceeding with this action, ''Act For Human Rights'' would like the Peoples Congress decide on such a project.

The present Assembly in Brasilia admits the appropriateness of such a presence,however considers necessary a definition of the project more extensively on the mediations and the conditions for exercising such a right.

The association ''Act For Human Rights'' is invited to continue its work and to give a report on it during the next session of the Peoples Congress.

haut de pageStrategic Alliances and Communications

Robert Wheeler provides several opportunities for collaboration.He has identified 6 which were the subject of a working paper distributed during the meeting and among which :

  1. Josep Ortega has created a ''global democratic movement''called ''wave''. The Peoples Congress and ASCOP could be co-founders.
  2. World Citizens Day, March 20, may unite several organizations for the promotion of this day:''We the World''+the Peoples Congress+the World Citizens Registry+ASCOP+ with the support of T.V. Suprem and other means of communication.
  3. Transform the world ,with globaldemo.org''. It's an organization that organizes campaigns for global democracy.
  4. Global Alliance for the transformation of the United Nations.(WATUN) http./www.transformun.org/ of which it's a member of the Executive Committee.
  5. Collaboration with the movement ''We the World'' http/www.wetheworld.org

Communication:Rob Wheeler suggests that there is a specific site of the Peoples Congress whose agenda would be available including member organizations of ASCOP and which will include

  • internal communication
  • texts
  • declarations
  • reports
  • conferences

Representation at the U.N.:

The Peoples Congress will demand to be represented at the U.N.. Rob Wheeler is in charge of the necessary formalities.

Solidarity Economy

:Roger Winterhalter summarized in a few cliches what solidarity economy is,citing on passage Heloisa Primavera who is ,according to him one of the best propagandists of the solidarity money across Latin America.In Europe the most spread solidarity money is the ''soil''and on this note he distributes a little brochure of which one can find the essential on internet:htpp:/www.sol-reseau.coop/

The basic principle is to reverse the relationship between economy and human

The project presented by Roger Winterhalter turns around the experimental edition of a journal ''Colibri'' for which he invites everyone of the participants and the readers of journals and reports of the meeting of Brasilia to send him ''index card experience'' on each of the activities in link with world citizenship

Alan Bal suggests that these ''index card experiences'' could be the fruit of network workshops(Make- Together,-World Citizens)which summarizes the activity for the moment to a few exchanges on Facebook.

For more information about the solidarity economy, see ''synthesis of the ESS''(text available in pdf)


The Mundialist Information and Press Agency must be recreated.This agency must unite all the mundialist informations,arouse them and ensure its dissemination.

Statutory text:

Adoption of Annexe 2 of the Peoples Congress Regulations

Closure of the session

haut de pagePart 2: report of the circumstances by Ursula Grattapaglia

This event was canceled six days before beginning by initiative of the President Heloisa Primavera, therefore only a very small number of delegates decided nevertheless to be present.

Elected delegates

  1. Peter Davidse, member of the Directory of the Peoples' Congress, Holland
  2. Rob Wheeler, member of the Executive Committee (E.C.) of the Peoples' Congress, USA
  3. Roger Winterhalter, member the E.C. of the CdP, France
  4. Ulisses Riedel de Resende, member of the E.C. of the CdP, Brazil
  5. Ursula Grattapaglia, member of the E.C. of the CdP, Brazil
  6. Landing Niassy, Senegal
  7. Vincent Peingnez, France

Members of the Consultative Assembly ASCOP of the CdP:

  1. Daniel Durand, Director ASCOP
  2. Odile Durand, member ASCOP
  3. Annick Bal, member ASCOP
  4. Alain Bal, member ASCOP
  5. Brigitte Winterhalter, member ASCOP
  6. Stevens Chellum, member ASCOP
  7. Erika Maillet, member ASCOP
  8. Marie-Francoise Lamperti, member ASCOP (Agir pour les droits de l'homme)
  9. Vanda Riedel de Resende, member ASCOP(Planetary Union)

Local world citizens registered in RECIM in Paris, participated the event and the debates:

  1. Paulo Nascentes
  2. Angela Nascentes
  3. Giuseppe Grattapaglia (all speaking in esperanto).

haut de pageArrived for the event 13 world citizens, from 4 countries, representing the CDP and ASCOP, and 7 local members for a total number of 20.

 The Organizing Committee composed of 5 persons (Heloisa Primavera, Ulisses Riedel de Resende, Vanda Riedel de Resende, Paulo Nascentes and Ursula Grattapaglia) was continuously at disposal during the event, except the president resigned on May 5. After the end of the event, between days 10 and 15 May, appeared informally the ex-president Heloisa Primavera, participating in the closing party, but without making any official statement on her resignation.

The elected delegates and members of ASCOP, decided to consider the event valid despite having been canceled because of an epidemic of swine influenza in the world. They considered the reason for the cancellation insufficient, because of normal flu die each year more than half a million people in the world when this new form of flu so far resulted in less than one hundred dead.

Noting that from the four members of the Board was present only the Director of Finance, Peter Davidse, he took with consensus of all, the chair of the event, calling the former president Roger Winterhalter to participate in the direction of the work.

Ulisses Riedel, president of the Planetary Union and host of the event, gave the welcome to all with great cordiality, offering free hosting in the Resort PARAISO on EARTH, a farm 60 km from Brasilia. Beautiful souvenirs were exchanged between guests and hosts, when each was presented declaring his expectation for the meeting.

Accommodation and vegetarian food found only praise of the guests, and the staff was always present with courtesy and available anytime, day or night to resolve any problems.

The working hours of the CdP were daily between 9 and 13 hours, between 14:30 and 19 hours with a short break at 16 hours. The work totaled 32 hours of activities in 4 days, thus leaving even some time to visit the beauties of the place, waterfalls, temple of meditation, Tai Chi activities, singing at the bonfire. The closing party was memorable for sympathy and participation of all together.

We can conclude that despite a very limited participation, the meeting of delegates and the collaboration with ASCOP were well used, especially by creating a new strategy of work well defined between the members of the Executive Committee, which until then had not had the necessary guidance of the Board. ASCOP members mostly attended the meetings, especially in case of decisions for statements. All the time harmony reigned during the meetings. Several statements were made in common, which will be communicated soon.

On Wednesday, May 13, all participated in an excursion to visit Brasília, lunch at the headquarters of TVSUPREN where several interviews with delegates were programmed to be broadcasted via satellite and the other 40 channels of TVSUPREN in Brazil and South America.

A night in the Senate was an event in favor of environmental protection of the Amazon region. Our fellow delegate of the Peoples' Congress Muriel Saragoussi, as Executive Secretary of 600 Non-Governmental Organizations of Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon, made an important speech at the tribune of the Senate of the Republic and with the presence of hundreds of people in the Brazilian House of Parliament.

haut de pageA statement of the CdP concerning environmental protection and water also will be published soon. The declarations of the Vice President Liliane Metz-Krencker with the endorsement of Joel Luegern and Bernard Chuzeville were analyzed and found full consent of those present as to be encompassed in the work.

The biggest problem about the Peoples' Congress, in recent years was obviously a lack of collaboration between the 9 members of the Board and Executive Committee. Since the components residing in various countries had not, for lack of experience, also no individual initiative, always waiting for guidance from the Presidency. Noting the situation, immediately were made concrete plans for activities of each member. Since the president Heloisa Primavera did not return on her decision to resign, must be required by Article 8.4 of the Statute of the Peoples' Congress, the vice president Liliane Metz-Krencker has to take the chair, and she may count on the great solidarity and cooperation of all members to finally achieve the goals, she and we all would like.

Understanding that the Secretary Marc Garcet, Belgium, has no condition to participate actively in his position in the PC, the assembly asked the member of the executive Roger Winterhalter, to be responsible for implementing the work of the Secretariat with any officer not being a delegate.

The member of the Board Peter Davidse will try to contact Foundations to acquire resources for a better functioning of the CoP, besides working with the registry of world citizens about the new elections in 2010 caring especially for the social importance and competence of the candidates. All members of the Executive Committee have a department set.

  1. Rob Wheeler acts to strengthen strategic alliances with the UN and CONGO
  2. Ulysses Riedel will be responsible for communication by television and web
  3. Ursula Grattapaglia contacts all 45 delegates to enable them to collaborate.
  4. Roger Winterhalter is organizing the meeting in Morocco and caring for the secretariat
  5. Chris Hamer works with Rob Wheeler on external alliances.

haut de pageThe Organizing Committee ordered, despite the very high price for the conditions of the CoP, a simultaneous interpretation service to provide greater flexibility and use of time available to the delegates. As a result of the cancellation, this service was also canceled.

But starting in other conditions now the work in French, English and Portuguese, precious time was lost by the need of consecutive translation. To resolve this problem at least partially, the Planet Union hired a translator to serve during the whole encounter, even during meals and in leisure.As all suffer the problem of linguistic diversity, and continuously taking significant need to define important concepts, spontaneously was made the decision to charge Ursula Grattapaglia to organize and offer free email courses of the international language Esperanto to all delegates as to the next meeting in Morocco trying to avoid great loss of precious time.

Naturally this depends on the engagement of each of the delegates feel motivated to participate in the Assembly in a true spirit of world citizenship, where each takes a step to meet his foreign friend, by using a language neutral and easier to learn than ethnic languages, avoiding discrimination, thus giving a practical example of international solidarity.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, Ursula GrattapagliaIn addition to what Ursula already reported.Some more notes by Peter Davidse We were received a splendid welcome at 'Paridise on Earth', and the name descibes the venue very well. All are thankfull for the great reception we received.On the functioning of the People's CongressIn principle we need a regular contact, once a month, between all the delegates in the executive committee.

This could be by teleconference (skype or google talk or other) and / or by chat. If we do it by chat we will have a written summary of what has been contributed, but lack the more direct exchange by voice. A chat also allows for automatic translation. We ask the president, Liliane, to organise this. During this meeting the bureau has to give a report of it's activities. Once every 3 months we need a teleconference and/or chat with all the delegates of the People's Congress.

The executive committee will give a report about it's activities.The calendar of events:End of 2009: appeal for candidates for the People's Congress to world citizen's.February/March 2010 the candidates are to be known.April 2010 the first draft of the 20 lines of the CV and statement of the candidate need to be receivedJune 21, 2010 the election ballot papers are to be send outaround 21 september 2010 is the last day the votes can be received (during a weekend) the votes will be counted. ( about 40 volunteers are needed, a question is whether this could this be at TV Suprèn? Then it could be broadcast as well.)

  • November 2010 a meeting of the People's Congress in Marocco:
  • Zagora.2012 an earth summit review conference in Brasil Here we should collaborate with TV-Suprèn for a good coverage.
  • 2013 the People's Congress in the Phillipines, as a parallel event to a global event for solidarity economics. (Tentative, organiser: Heloïsa Primavera)

Another event could be in Lucknow, for the launch of the world institution for human rights.The People's Congress will be registered at the UN department for Public Information, by Rob Wheeler. This will take about 2 years.Rob will represent the People's Congress at the UN in New York, in addition to René Wadlow who will continue to represent the People's Congress at the UN as well, mainly Geneva. They could be joined by Lisinka Ulatowska, who is representing the World Citizens Assemblee, the american branch of RECIM started by Doug Mattern, who is also a delegate. We try to renew the relationship with the California (USA) based Association for world citizens and the world citizens assemblee.

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