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Peoples Congress Meeting
with ASCOP and RAZDED in Zagora,

03- 10 November 2010


Wednesday, November 3:

  • Arrival of the European participants in Marrakech
  • City and medina visit
  • Night in Marrakech

Thursday, November 4 :

  • Marrakech-Zagora tour .Crossing of the " High Atlas"
  • Stop at Ouarzazate
  • End of afternoon arrival in Zagora
  • Welcome of the participants of all the continents
  • Check in at the hotel

Friday 5, November


  • Welcome by Ahmed Chahid, Président of RAZDED
  • Speech by Liliane Metz-Krencker, People's Congress President.
  • Forum Animation with the participants by Roger Winterhalter.

10.00am to 12.00pm

 People's presentations :

  • Taking care of your body, by a herbalist
  • A citizen house project, by Kalima Arbouche,
  • Build together a world citizen network, by Alain Bal,
  • A live blanquet , par Françoise Maquin.

 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

 Workshops :

  • Active and participatory democracy (co-animation Ahmed Chahid/ Roger Winterhalter),
  • Living together –Working together
  • encounter with women ( through the live blanket) (co- animation Kalima Arbouche, Françoise Maquin et Alain Bal),
  • Trans- national solidarity (co-animation Hans-Georg Heimann/Daniel Durand).
  • Participatory Methods : multiple intervention of the participants (each sentence must be accounted for ,every one takes his turn to tal, nobody is allowed to interrupt 

 Objectives : Élaboration of proposals and concrete recommandations by the team

 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm

  •  Presentation of the synthesis of the workshops and debates in general assembly.

 Saturday Novembre 6

 9.00 am

  •  Departure for the desert, camel riding or by car.
  • Afternoon activities and visits :
    • Of the Tamgrout library;
    • Of the underground casbah
    • Of a potter worshop
  • Night under a tent 

Sunday Novembre 7


  •  Return to Zagora
  • General Assembly organised by the People's Congress
  • Announcement of the election results and presentation of the new elected delegates .

2.00 pm

  •  Plenary session for all the People's Congress delegates
  •  Meeting of the People's Congress on the theme
    •  « defining the people's Congress role ,its mission,its functioning ,as well as the delegates roles (Meeting organised by Liliane Metz Krencker and the executive committee members .

At the same time Alain Bal and the ASCOP are organising workshops around the synthesis of the previous forum and will define recommendations for the People's Congress.

 Monday  Novembre 8

 9.00 am to 12.00 pm

 Joint Assembly : People's Congress / ASCOP/RAZDED

  •  Presentation of the role ,the objectives ,the missions of the People's Congress
  • Presentation of the ASCOP recommendations to the People's congress
  • General debate on the theme « how to link our concerns to our commun responsabilities ? »,
  • Synthesis.

2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Plenary Session of the People's Congres

 Naming of the executive committee members of the People's Congress

 Tuesday Novembre 9

9.00 am to 12.00 pm

  • General Assembly Peoples Congress/ ASCOP and Razded
  •  General conclusions.
  • Recommandations.
  • Débate on the theme «How to better communicate among ourselves .Our hopes ».

 Departure to Marrakech

  • Night in Marrakech

 Wednesday Novembre 10

 Flight back to Europe and other countries


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