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 Presentation - Program

Born in 1939
World Citizen Card number : 102.591
Address : in Magdeburg (Germany)


Declaration of intention

I am aware of the important goals of the world citizens : creation of long lasting peace and preservation of life and world resources for future generation and I will work for:

The awakening of human consciousness, the reinforcement of work and cooperation between militant world citizens, information on very urgent actions to be taken in order to inform governments, parliaments, institutions and organisations and I will also work to establish a parliament of the people of earth with sovereign competencies for peace and environment .

I reached the end of my professional life .Before I was for 10 years real estate sales director and before responsible for the commercial sector for telecommunication systems

Professionally, I am a telecommunication engineer .I live in Magdeburg in Germany and since 4 years I live alone; my two children left home and live one in Berlin and the other one in Bad Gastein in Austria

During 15 years, I worked with an association of entrepreneurs in Germany and I am still continuing to do so .But in the mean time I work especially with the world citizens and Esperanto.

I have the intention to reinforce my involvement in this two matters and to brighten my perspectives and the possibilities of international relationships in order to get more influence on some organisations, parliaments etc. The mandate of delegate to the People's Congress might facilitate things

I feel healthy, I have a lot of ideas for our activities and I am ready to participate to the People's Congress .

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