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9 - September 1980

Over 400 World Citizens and World Federalists, meeting at the Tokyo Congress, from July 24 to august 6, 1980, have issued the following declaration :

We, World Citizens and World Federalists, assembled in Tokyo on July 30, 1980, realizing

- That absolute sovereignty claimed by the 153 nations of the world leads each one of them to promote its own interests, however detrimental they may be to those of other states, for want of world law and failing an adequate reform of the U.N., which lacks sufficient competence in its present form,

- that resulting conflicts too often find no other issue than war, and that over-armament caused by such prospects endangers, for the first time in history, the very survival of humanity,

- that such sovereignty is set forth by states to challenge any foreign interference in the interest of safeguarding human rights which are too frequently trampled upon,

- that under cover of that national sovereignty, states refuse, out of self interest, the sacrifices or compromises needed to solve the other major problems humanity is faced with : malnutrition, under-development, demographic growth, ecological unbalances, pollution, energy crisis, non-renewable resources depletion, economical and monetary disorders, and the terrible injustices of a trade system that favors the developed countries at the expense of the underdeveloped,

that we must point out to the leaders of the Nation- states the heavy responsibility they carry

We solemnly call on them

- ton consider the transfer of part of their country's national sovereignty to democratic world institutions endowed with limited but real powers which would enable them to arbitrate international conflicts, pending the final deferral, democratic organization of the world.

We call on the peoples of every country to demand from their leaders the achievement of that objective.






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