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The Assembly

 The world's future is everyone's duty.

Thousand of individuals and associations try to sound their voices and scream the world's distress, elaborate proposals that they try to develop but their efforts remain insufficient and fragile and often without to morrow

This forces of denunciation and the proposals need law reinforcement .A world law based on democracy and able to act for the preservation of the planet, survival of human kind and the defence of everyone's right are missing.

The peoples' Congress, institution created by the decision of 100.000 electors in 120 countries proposing to day to organisations and individuals who wish to ,a space for dialog and projects :

"The People's Congress Consultative Assembly" (ASCOP)

   Meet - Work together - Elaborate Proposals - Act - Progress towards World Democracy

Who can participate in the Consultative assembly ?

  • World citizen organisations: registry centres, study groups, specialized associations;
  • Organisations agreed by the Peoples Congress
  • The organisations that participated in the last People's Congress elections.
  • The "mundialized "communities
  • The organisations which signed the world charter
  • The organisations which signed a plate-form for global democracy
  • The World Citizens who wish to participate in discussions and forums

    On which basis ?

    A world charter and by-laws will be the reference for a horizontal and trans-national collaboration.

    How ?

    Forums, reunions, seminars and networking, meetings, according to the initiatives and the different particularities of the inviting organizations.


The goal of ASCOP

This union would contribute to the exchange of experiences and aspirations that they could submit to their elected representatives who could where there is a problem solve it by law and right : the right of the human being ,the right of human kind ,the right of the future generations and of course the human responsibilities that go with it.

The ASCOP is part of the People's Congress

ASCOP: World Citizens, organizations from the global citizenship, for example:

Action d'Urgence Internationale
Institut of Mundialist Studies
World Community against Hunger

International Emergency Action
Conseil International de Liaison pour une Autorité Mondiale de l'Environnement
and many other organizations in accordance with the goal of global democracy,
more than 160 organizations from 25 countries

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