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The institution

The Registry of World Citizens is an independent institution of all states and powers. To be subjected to any particular national law, the federal level of the institution has headquarters in any national state; it is placed under the jurisdiction of Delegates elected to the People's Congress.

Main functions of the Registry:

The Registry of World Citizens is the only organization in the world authorized to distribute identity cards of World Citizens directly to individuals or through "centers" that has accredited. As a "world civil registration service" he is working to establish the global electorate.

Federal Council

Daniel Durand

Claudine Fischer

Laurent Son

Ursula Grattapaglia

Nathalie Kesler

Roger Winterhalter

Dominique Simeone

Luc Delcroix

voir le procès verbal de dépouillement des élections du 6 mars 2018,

Meetings Registry of World Citizens (See Shared Agenda ASCOP)

The REGISTRATION CENTERS, created by W.C.R. promote mundialist ideas, issue World citizen cards within their own country, and send out their own information bulletin, or that of the W.C.R.'s one.

In the absence of Registration Centers, World Citizens can become isolated "correspondents" of RCM.

Complete list of "Centers" and "Correspondents"

For more details see the "General structures"

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