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Secretary-General of United Nations
New York, USA
Dijon, France

March 16, 2003

Honourable Secretary-General Kofi A. Annan:

As the risk of an imminent war in Iraq, that will necessarily result in tragedy and slaughter, poses a serious threat to world peace, the people of the world speak out. They said a loud 'no' to war, sometimes opposing their national governments and expressing the wish to take global matters into their own hands. In a word, the people of the world are showing that they are ready for WORLD DEMOCRACY.

At that critical moment ,the absence of a WORLD PARLIAMENT democratically elected by the people is felt stronger than ever before . May we remind you, Honourable Secretary-General, that you have spoken out many times in favour of a World Parliament .

Gathered in Dijon, France, on March 15-16, 2003, WORLD CITIZENS and Elected Delegates of the PEOPLES' CONGRESS, the first democratically-elected global political assembly in the history of human kind, and which has been elected by a trans-national electorate of 100,000 PEOPLE living in 120 COUNTRIES, all of them U. N. Member States, solemnly ask you to put the CREATION OF A WORLD PARLIAMENT on the agenda of the next session of the United Nations. Once created, this Parliament, by nature a democratic and supranational one, will be the only institution in the world able to ensure that the Earth will be governed by its people

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Please accept, Honourable Secretary-General Annan, the assurance of our highest consideration.



For the 40 Delegates of the Peoples' Congress, elected between 1969 and 1998

Andrée Gaymard-Rollet,
Roger Winterhalter,
Rolf Haegler
and Henri Cainaud

For the Registry of World Citizens

Daniel Durand, President
Dr. Liliane Metz Krencker, Secretary-General
Claudine Fischer, Member of the Board
Brigitte Carraz, Odile Durand and Bernard J. Henry,
World Citizens

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