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Meeting of ASCOP in Binges

28th ,July 2009

  1. Alain Bal, Organizer and Convener of the meeting
  2. Henri Cainaud (Council of Elders)
  3. Brigitte Carraz (La Grande Releve)
  4. Stevens Chellum ( International Center of World Citizens)
  5. John De la Cruz ( WCH.)
  6. Odile Durand, (Association for the Promotion of Solidarity)
  7. Daniel Durand,(Registry of World Citizens)
  8. Claudine Fisher (Universal Bridge)
  9. Liliane Metz-Krenker ( Peoples Congress)
  10. Roger Winterhalter ( MCM- ARSO)
  11. Annick Bal ( Planete Couleurs)

1)Reminder of the role of ASCOP and its ambitions

Construction of world citizenship and animation of a citizen world at several levels through the exchange of experiences.

  • Individual registration and engagement through the world citizen card.
  • Associative: The Associations accept and adhere to the charter of ASCOP


  • Disseminate globalization ideas: the people live it, we are looking for what links us and we measure the differences.
  • 3 Facets
    • Action of the organizations that communicate with each other.
    • Proper activities organized by ASCOP.
    • All of this contribution to the Peoples Congress.

ASCOP: Strength of proposals for the Peoples Congress which then takes these strong globalist ideas to validate and disseminate them.

2) Focus on what exists

  • Almost 60 organizations from twenty countries have signed the Mulhouse charter.
  • 35 on an appeal of 1984 which involved some twenty active ones, mostly African. (Appeal for global solidarity against hunger.)

Who can strengthen ASCOP?

  • We, our associations
  • Permanent Globalist Committees
  • Universal Movement for Scientific Responsibility
  • Association of our networks
  • Globalists who share our ideas or wishing to bring their experiences in this field (example: signatories within the framework of the 60th anniversary of human rights)


  • Send letters to propose to the associations working in our line to join ASCOP by evaluating its principles with the help of a membership certificate as well as the charter

3 Focus on Finances

The membership fee which was set in 2004 was 20 euros per year. However due to failure to appeal for contributions, there are few contributors (currently ten). Today, the accounts are zero, the revenue just covering expenses.

  • Appeal for contribution 2009
  • Make appeal to the foundations (example RITIMO)

File to be processed by: Alain Bal, Annick Bal and Daniel Durand.

Opening an account

File: Annick and Alain BAL

  • Need to create an association
  • Organization as a mutual fund
  • Send contributions to the treasurer, Mad. Annick BAL, 16 rue de Belleneuve FR21270 BINGES

For what Purpose?

  • Compensate costs and travel expenses
  • Support for ASCOP's events
  • Particpation in scholarships.

4. Relaunching of CILAME

The CILAME: (International Council for World Authority on the Environment) is inactive for reasons of age of those in charge. Currently, it consists of twenty members, all French.

Proposal of Global Studies Seminar in Accra (November 2008)

  • Establish committees of local initiative to improve the environment (CILAME-Local) First Committee set up in Africa, at Lome.

The program continues

  • December 2009: meeting in Ouagadougou
  • September 2010: Seminar in Lome

File followed by Daniel Durand and Alain Bal

5) World Citizens on the facebook of 'FAIRE ENSEMBLE'

Currently: Groups

  • Belgium- Spain - Switzerland- Tunisia
  • Alsace - Lorraine - Bourgogne - Loire region - Paris - Picardie - Rhone / Alpes


  • Create Links
  • Defend world citizenship
  • Activate the globalism citizen
  • Skip the virtual to the concrete on the ground

File followed by Alain Bal


File Alain Bal and Daniel Durand who shall transmit to RECIM, which only can take the decision: question raised a year ago by the members of RECIM and ASCOP.

  • Search for a system to produce them at low cost: plastic, electronics, card
  • Bring to date regularly world citizens file
  • Free card
  • Renewal
  • Contribution to the global citizenship fund


File to Daniel Durand

  • Publicize the site and encourage people to use it as a library


File to Daniel Durand

OFFICIAL SITE. The site presented by Daniel comes in 3rd position on the internet in France.

How to federate the different sites: Andre Desnoyer proposed to think about it and create an entry portal. Propose to him to be the coordinator responsible for facilitating the various groups: P.C, ASCOP at internet level.


It is for the Peoples Congress to revive AMIP for it to become the unifier to provide information and disseminate it.

Need to find a person to be in charge.

Currently, Daniel retapes the articles already written by AMIP.

T.V. Suprem

File Roger Winterhalter-Stevens CHELLUM

Ursula and Anna Maria are ready to invest in Brazil. To ask Ursula to relay to us once a month. To send her regular globalization topics, empower her in ideas to pass on. Example of topics: like World Citizenship centers, Claudine's films( mutual and us)


File Roger Winterhalter

Roger suggested that Colibri disseminates the experiences of world citizens.

The French center of World citizens wishes to publish again 3 newsletters per year: The 1st edition is scheduled in late August.

The Registry of World Citizens will publish two newsletters in 2009: one in late August ,and the other, end of 2009 for an appeal for candidates.


  • Exchange of certain articles between RECIM and COLIBRI.
  • Organize with Stevens and the Paris team for the folding of newsletters that require a lot of time.

Develop communication between and with the elected representatives of the Peoples Congress (internet) and all components ,(RECIM, ASCOP, Peoples Congress)

File followed by Alain Bal? Liliane Metz-Krenker


  • It was decided to create an ASCOP association with Alain Bal as President.
  • Seat of the Association: 16 rue de Belleneuve-Binges 21270.


Proposal from MCM: a person (Dominican) is interested in a 90% aided contract and with a request for the remainder to be given to CNS (New Solidarity against unemployment) and could work for about 50% within the framework of world citizenship.

Its objectives:

  • Training in globalism
  • Establish documentation with the possibility to take his World Citizen I.D. Card.
  • Display uniform while on duty
  • Relaunch the associations, communes to globalize.
  • Organize Esperanto courses.

Followed by Roger Winterhalter


File followed by Daniel Durand, Roger Winterhalter and Alain Bal.

  • Chelles: Seminar on Human Rights in mid May 2010 (followed by M.F. LAMPERTI).
    • Alternatively: Mont saint Martin 57
  • Zagora: from 5 to 11 November 2010
    • Following a decision taken in 2003 the Peoples Congress and ASCOP are linked together and must organize a joint calendar
    • Allow 1 week, cost of hotel is about 400 euros, arrange accommodation at private houses, for those who cannot afford it.
  • Senegal?


Human Rights

File followed by Marie- Francoise Lamperti, Stevens Chellum, Laurent Son.

  • Determine a lexicon of keywords
  • Inventory of what exists (UN, civil society)
  • Inventory of what should exist
  • Inventory of problems and solutions to implement
  • Beyond the boundary of words and languages.


File followed by Henri Cainaud and Annick Bal.

Economics and solidarity currencies.

File followed by Roger Winterhalter and Brigitte Carraz.

Globalist culture

File followed by Alain Bal


File monitoring, Liliane Metz-Krenker and Alain Bal

Liliane will engage members of Congress to participate in this work.

NEXT MEETING: Scheduled for November 7.

Proposal to appoint in addition a Moderator.

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