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Human civil status: patronage

Statement of patronage (pdf document)

The undersigned, (name) ..............., World Citizen holding the card No. ................,

declares to know (name) ............... and to have informed him/her of the following:

  • by being registered as a World Citizen, he/she can obtain an identity recognised by the People’s Congress, by all institutions associated thereto and by any person or institution recognising the legitimacy of the People’s Congress pursuant to the preamble, eighth paragraph, and Articles 21(3) and 28 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  • the above registration does not confer upon him/her any additional right vis-à-vis any State whatsoever;
  • receiving a World Citizen identity card implies the endorsement of the following:
    • the values of brotherhood upheld by World Citizens;
    • the recognition of the necessity to endow the World with the structures needed for the protection of everyone’s rights.

The undersigned undertakes to assist, to the best of his/her abilities, ............... in his/her actions with a view to claim and enforce the rights inherent to his/her human status, as set forth by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.




Statement to be sent to World Citizens, “Les Nids”, 49190 Saint-Aubin de Luigné (France),
along with the following attachments:

  • registration application by the person whom the patronage is addressed to;
  • ID picture of the person whom the patronage is addressed to;
  • payment of the fees for the preparation and the delivery of the card: EUR 2.00

Goal: enabling individuals in a situation of extreme fragility to have their existence and their identity recognised.

Terms of patronage

In order to be somebody’s ‘patron’, one has to be registered himself or herself, and he or she has to undertake to assist the other person, for as long as it may be needed, in his or her administrative activities, the search of an accommodation or nourishment, etc.

Any adult World Citizen can become the patron of up to 5 new persons every year.

updated on 13 Feb 2021

The People’s Congress declares that every human being is entitled to a recognized existence and identity. It entrusts to the World Citizens Registry the organization of this civil status. It recommends to the Registry to make proof of discernment and the necessary reserves in the realization of this task. (From the minutes of the Brasilia session, 11 to 15 May 2009)

To be registered as a World Citizen

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