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If you wish :

  • to be registered as a World Citizen
  • receive your World Citizen card

please send this form, filled and signed, and an ID picture

Registration is free of charge.

You can obtain an identity card for 15 Euros (or equivalent) -except in case of financial difficulties 8 Euros

by postal mail to WORLD CITIZENS, Les Nids, 49190 SAINT AUBIN DE LUIGNÉ (France)
or another approved Registration Centre, or a world civil status Officer
by email: Copy the form hereunder, paste it into the message body, fill it and send it to Registry

"I Hereby apply to be registered as a World Citizen. As such it is my intention to recognize my responsibilities as a member of the world community and to add this highest degree of citizenship to my present nationality"

To complete this form, here are some guidelines:

  • Choice of membership I
    if you want to register without buying the ID card now, choose "enregistrement simple" simple registration" "gratuit" free". Check the number 1, then click on "Étape suivante" Next Step".
    • The acquisition of the World Citizen Identity Card through the "helloasso" form requires the use of a credit card.
  • Next step "Adhérents Members
    The information requested on this page is what will appear on your card or registration certificate... All information marked with an asterisk * is required.
    • If you do not have a ID picture ready to send, you can do so later at the address indicated in the reply.
    • "your message". Specify in this box :
      • your postal address, if it is different from your place of residence,.
      • the language in which you want your card or certificate to be written.
  • Next step "Récapitulatif"Summary This page suggests leaving a tip to support HelloAsso. It is better to check "I do not wish to leave a tip".
  • Next step "Finalize".
    • Fill in the NAME, First name, email address, Date of birth, Country of residence again.
    • Check "I accept the use of ....
    • then click on "finalize".
  • Choose your payment method: This page is secured.

Immediately after your payment, you will receive from HelloAsso a confirmation of payment to World Citizens,
but also an invitation to open an account with HelloAsso. It is useless.

The term "Adherents" used by HelloAsso is theoretically not suitable for a "registration" as World Citizen, but we can do "with", because the meaning is similar.

To declare oneself a World Citizen is not to join an association but :

  • publicly recognizing one's membership in the human community;
  • to claim the existence of democratic institutions common to all humanity.

In order to give the greatest possible number of human beings the possibility of manifesting their world citizenship, the World Citizens Registry must have the means of information and action. To support this effort, it is proposed to participate voluntarily by making donations (or: "voluntary world tax") of a minimum annual amount equal to half a day's income.

"World Citizen is any person who
recognizes that he or she belongs to the world community and behaves in accordance with that identity,
calls for global problems to be addressed by democratic global institutions".

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