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Monda Movado por Tutmonda Demokratio
Resolution of Chief Justices
at Lucknow, India, 2006
Resolution of Chief Justices

At Lucknow, India, 2006

We, the Judges assembled at the 7th International Conference of Chief Justices of the world

held at Lucknow, India, having considered the appeal by the 31.000 children of City Montessori School _on their own and on behalf of the world's children_ for a safe and protected environment and a peaceful world governed by international law, hereby resolve and declare as follows :

  • That peace education should be given proper importance in educational curricula throughout the world.
  • That a steady and consistent effort be undertaken in each jurisdiction to increase the level of awareness and information about international law in the legal training of lawyers and judges and in continuing judicial education to this end.
  • That each member of the judiciary here present undertakes to communicate this resolution to the judicial organisations to which he or she belongs ,whether domestic, regional or international.
  • To take effective action whenever the occasion arises to protect and to promote the best interests of children, giving full effect to all applicable principles of domestic and international law

To disseminate this resolution as well as the objectives of the present conference.

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