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  • 20/03/2018 : World Citizens day : New Beginnings
  • 20/06/2016 : World Refugee Day
  • 29/04/2016 : Plastic cards ID card in plastic
  • 03/03/2016 : To devise the laws for a peaceful and civilized world
  • 31/08/2015 : London - Minneapolis - Maria Montessori - Human rigts in Iraq an Syria
  • 05/08/2015 : 1. Yemen - 2. For a World Parliament

New Beginnings

Often we are reluctant and even afraid to make a new beginning because it may involve leaving behind the known. Yet when we make a new beginning, we carry with us the knowledge and experiences of the past. We are given new opportunities to take a fresh look at a situation.

As Citizens of the World, we know that we have in our power the ability to rise above the fears, imagined and real, and to shoulder the great burdens which destiny has placed upon us, not only for the country in which we live, but for the benefit of the whole world.

World Citizen

We know that the more revolutionary a set of changes, the greater is the likelihood that some individuals who for one reason or another are angry in the face of the changes will conceive that some past state of affairs is preferable to the current one. They will push for a restoration of the past - “the good old days”. We need to recognize the nature of these fears and take confidence-building measures so that people have the self-confidence to move ahead.

We know that humanity must go beyond the world as it is now. It is necessary to create institutions and processes of progress. Our clear aim must be to create conditions of sanity and safety for the emerging world society.

In this period of world-wide change, enlightened leadership with clear vision and political courage is need. We need to work for wholeness, harmony, and creativity in all aspects of life – the personal, the social and the political.

World citizens stress that peace can be achieved through opening our hearts and mind to broader perspectives. We are one human race, and we inhabit one world. Therefore, we must see the world with global eyes, understand the world with a global mind, and love the world with a global heart.

Rene Wadlow, President, Association of World Citizsens

World Refugee Day

20 June is the UN-designated World Refugee Day marking the signing in 1951 of the Convention on Refugees. The condition of refugees and migrants has become a "hot" political issue in many countries, and the policies of many governments have been very inadequate to meet the challenges. The UN-led World Humanitarian Summit held in Istanbul, Turkey 23-24 May, 2016 called for efforts to prevent and resolve conflicts by "courageous leadership, acting early, investing in stability, and ensuring broad participation by affected people and other stakeholders." (to be continued)

Plastic cards ID card in plastic

The World Citizen ID card is now available in plastic (the same size as a credit card)

This card is very resistant, tamper-proof, inimitable.

Persons holding a "traditional" card cardboard can acquire the new card against 5 Euros. (Please remember your card number)

For people who do not have global citizens card, the price is 20 Euros (price reduction possible for 13 euros)

In all cases, you must fill out a form, and attach a photo ID "recent".

For payment, see opportunities page:

To devise the laws for a peaceful and civilized world

1. There are 50

March 3, 1966, 13 world-class Citizens of the World stated:

" In the absence of supernational law, nations are obliged to resort to force to defend their interest. The consequence : war, voluntary or accidental ; and war, since the splitting of the atom and the development of bacteriological weapons becomes the absurd "final solution" the genocide of the human race.

Without world institutions able to assure the fundamental needs common to all, man is helpless. Two thirds of humanity suffer from hunger while immense riches are wasted.

At the same time, scientific and technical progress make it possible to organize a world community of peace and abundance where fundamental liberties would be guaranteed to individuals, peoples and nations.

Why this contradiction ? Because governments ... (read more)

50 years later, this text remains the greatest news. Global citizenship was extended to the whole planet, but much remains to be done towards the political unity necessary to the defense of the cause of Human.

2. March Equinox: World Citizens Day - World Unity day

Officially it will be Sunday, March 20. As every year, the World Citizens are encouraged to mark the day in their own way, alone or in groups.


See this message, and the previous by this link

London - Minneapolis - Maria Montessori - Human rigts in Iraq an Syria


London, 23rd of Septembre 2015, Time 18 :30 - 20 : 30

Lecture : The United Nations at 70 : What Prospects for Peace?


Minneapolis, October 9-10, 2015

Conference: "Creating a Workable World"


31 August is the birth anniversary of Maria Montessori, by René Wadlow


The Continuing Humanitarian Crisis and Violations of Human Rights in ISIS-held Areas in Iraq and Syria by René Wadlow


Wolrd Citizens news - 1. Yemen - 2. For a World Parliament


Yemen and World Law: Building from Current Experience by René Wadlow

“Shall we not learn from life its laws, dynamics, balances? Learn to base our needs not on death, destruction, waste, but renewal?” Nancy Newhall

The indiscriminate bombing of cities in Yemen by the Saudi-led coalition highlights the need for renewal of the way that humanitarian law is observed in times of armed conflict especially in three areas:

  • a) the protection of women,
  • b) the prohibition of starvation of civilian populations as a method of warfare,
  • c) the protection of cultural heritage.

Protection for women is enshrined in international humanitarian law which as world law should be binding on both States and armed opposition groups. (to be continued)


Among the globalist claims, it is one that is widely shared: that of a world parliament. For the third consecutive year, all citizens of the world are invited to a week of action in October. The Assembly of World Citizens may collect your initiatives and information for transmission to the coordination of this Third Global Week of Action for a World Parliament.


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