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On March 3rd 1996,
the elected delegates to the PEOPLE'S CONGRESS
launch an APPEAL :
On March 3rd 1966, thirteen World Citizens of world renown launched an Appeal to promote world citizenship.

Since then, thousands of men and women conscious of their responsibility towards the world community and future generatons, determined to be recognized as members of this community, have asked to be registered as World Citizens and have contributed, in nine transnational votes, to the election of eighteen delegates to the People's Congress, the forerunner of a World Parliament.


while the interdependence of the peoples of the world is recognized,

while the transnational nature of the challenges and dangers that threaten humankind is well known,

while U N O authorities, lacking coercion powers, remain powerless to solve the numerous conflicts, many of which are ethnical,

while national sovereignty is not a taboo any more,

when we launch the tenth election to the Peoples' Congress.

We denounce the continuous race of Nation-States towards a leadership which hurts the populations,

We accuse the States of allowing a type of "mundialization" without regulation that is just a rat race, to advocate, under the pretext of being liberal, competitiveness without control, with the result that poverty leading to exclusion from society is developing among many in the so-called developed societies and for the majority in developing countries.

We ask that the moves of the various major World Conferences organized about population, environment, development, women ... to be taken into account, for they gave evidence of world public opinion, and we ask that the declarations of good will they showed not to remain unheeded.

We exhort Nations-States to transfer a part of their sovereignty to the benefit of supranationalo world institutions, democratically elected, which endowed with limited but real powers, could work to support the solidarity between the peoples of the world and establish laws common to all.



YOU, the true possessors of the people's sovereignty

it behoves you to make your ardent wish towards a united world known


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