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August, 6th 1980, the day of the anniversary and commemoration of the bombing of hiroshima At the end of the Mundialist Congress of Tokyo, Osaka and Hiroshima, the Delegates elected to the Peoples' Congress, meeting in Hiroshima, appeal to the peoples of the world and cry out to them

World Declarations


The visit to the museum of Hiroshima means unbearable feelings.

How could men com to this ?

How could men let loose such fury ?

How can men, despite those horrible pieces of evidence, still stand on the brink of the abyss, on the brink of nuclear genocide ?

We, mundialists, think that this disastrous situation is due to the partition of nations, guarded by frontiers considered "divine".

Though, normally, scientific and technical progress should have led to a lessening of the importance of frontiers, their importance has grown with the growth of the industrial world. Ideological and economic forces have been made the servants of nationalism, instead of overcoming it.

That is why, in front of this Memorial, we entreat you to join us and thing with us of another organization of the world, of some other plan than this world of nations-states, each claiming its unrestricted national sovereignty.

Following high-minded people : Nobel prizes such a Albert CAMUS, Lunus PAULING, Alfred KASTLER, Albert EINSTEIN, René CASSIN, Hideki YAKAWA ; prominent political men such as Lord ATLEE, Pandit NEHRU, sud as the Mayors of Hiroshima : Shinzo HAMAI, Setsuo YAMADA, we declare the necessity of a supranational law.

History shows that every time groups of men have accepted a common law, the wars they waged between one another ceased. Should, as mundialist advise, a supranational law, democratically established, rule over the world, war would disappear between states. Moreover, it would, then, be possible for mankind to cope with the basic problems of survival, such as : hunger, overpopulations, energy crisis or pollution, problems which Nations-States have been unable to solve.

For the time being, the government leaders do not have in their power the political or judicial means which would enable them to take efficient moves towards Peace : the last stage of democracy, that is : world democracy is out of mankind's reach until world problems are taken as a whole.

Therefore, elections must be held to nominate delegates on a planetary level, elected by the People of the World, so that the world law may be established, the world law that, alone, can save our species from nuclear genocide that is threatening it in the short or long run.

We must question the unrestricted sovereignty of Nation-States, - this is the meaning of our CRY OF ALARM FROM HIROSHIMA.

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