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Paris, June 5th, 1972
Stockholm Conference

World Declarations


As DELEGATES of the PEOPLE'S CONGRESS elected directly and democratically by a trans-national electorate spread over 110 countries


Our deep concern about the dangers that the human race is facing, due to:

  • The air and rivers pollution which knows no boundaries
  • The pollution of the oceans which have become a dumping ground for the world
  • The thoughtless destruction of arable land
  • The monstrous waste of natural resources which can never be replaced

Conscious that currently these problems cannot be solved because of the lack of world solidarity that would impose to the industrial companies a plan to fight this scourges,


That the delegates of the sovereign Nation-States gathered in Stockholm

  • realize the impossibility in which they are trapped, being the prisoners of the irremovable structures that they represent
  • act in an effective way in favour of the only solution that will insure the survival of humanity

By: the creation of World Institutions based on partial power delegation from the Nations-States

Because the biosphere can only be protected by world law.

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