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Born in 1955
World Citizen Card number : 102464
Address : Strasbourg (France)

Declaration of intention summary

"Do you want to do something good for those that death has encountered? Women or men, leave them alone and accomplish their hopes"

Veronique's hopes were to always take the side of the foreigners because the moral quality of society can be measured this way.

A society will treat in 10, 20 or 30 years its own children the way it treats foreigners to day


I was born Jewish and I became a physician.

My professional activity as a private psychiatrist is devoted to help foreigners, illegally installed in my country to achieve their durable integration with dignity especially those who have been victims of psychological disorders after having suffered from military or civil conflicts that happen in the world .

(ex: USSR, Mauritania, Chad, Rwanda, Cameroon, Angola, Bangladesh, Turkey, Iraq and Syria )

Declaration of intention

I want to be a candidate because I believe in the universality of the human condition through my work as a psychiatrist

The construction of society, politics, solidarity and fraternity is difficult to learn, often problematic and if you stumble, it can get you in peril

It is difficult not to answer to violence in using violence, be individually or collectively. Difficult but indispensable

I am born Jewish with all its cultural richness and the capacities of community and nationalistic withdrawal (around the defence of the Israel State interests)

And I usually tell that I am a physician with all its universal dimension that it imposes and it gives rise to

Pain has no colour and does not know any border

I devote my life to welcome foreigners to help their integration in my country ..France where hospitality is disappearing

I am doing it with more and more conviction and fervour since Véronique my beloved wife was killed by one of my patients during a craziness attack. Her family and ours are the victims of this drama

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