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Born in 1923
World Citizen Card number :14062
Address :Dorfhalde 4, CH 3612 STEFFISBURG


Within the World Citizens' Organization, I am active since 1951. In Germany, I participated in the founding of the Organization of World Citizens. As a Professor at the Academy of Music in Basel, I received Swiss Civic Right in 1983. Since May 8,1997, I am President of the World Citizens in Switzerland. From 17 to 21 June 1995, I attended the ''World Citizens Assembly'' in San Francisco. In addition, I have represented the World Citizens of Switzerland at the 'International Citizens Peace Conference'' in Den Haag (Netherlands) with a stand. This conference took place from 11 to 15 May, 1999.

For many years I have always traveled to Paris to attend the Board meeting of the World Citizens Registry.

On April 16,2004,I was received as a guest of honor by the Mayor of the Global City of Chelles, Jean---Paul Planchou, together with our committee members Michael Ehinger and Eva Inmann.

In Switzerland, I am in contact with all parliamentarians. Our organization is well known for it in the Swiss Parliament

Declaration of intention

I defend the universal human rights that should be recognized as a basis of a supranational obligatory legal order for all peoples.

In particular, I am committed to the assimilation of women, men and children who are entitled to adequate food, drinking water and an education.

I am of the opinion that initiatives for the coming into force of a democratic World Parliament comprising among others a Global Peoples Chamber be implemented.

I demand the abolition of all dictatorships and the founding of a global democracy based on a federalism where the nations form an integral part but where they should limit their sovereignty in favour of world law.

As a member of the Green Party of Switzerland, I am committed to the protection of local and global nature reserve.

On this basis it is possible for me to make known the setting up a World Authority on Oceans

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