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Regulations for the Registration Centres

Foreword :

The World Citizen Registry (WCR) is a worldwide public service that delivers directly or through recognised representatives a world citizen identity card to anybody who requests it and signs the registration declaration. The WCR keeps records of all the WCs in order to prepare elections for the people's assembly or for another intermediary institution like the People's Congress. The registration centres recognized by the WCR, participate regionally and locally to help achieve the Registry's objectives.

The present regulations which are part of the internal regulations of the general Registry by-laws describe the work mode of the Registration centres and its relationship with the WCR.


1. Organisation :

The registration centres function on the basis of a group of people. According to the present national regulations the group can take different forms : association, recognized organisation etc… By-laws will be written with agreement of the WCR.

2. Composition :

The Registry centre includes at least 3 people :

  • the President or(centre director-manager)
  • the treasurer
  • the secretary or organiser

This 3 people after having signed the present regulations can be invited to participate in the WCR activities as ordinary members (see the Registry by-laws ).The 3 responsible people must be informed about all the details of the registration centre in order to insure continuity if one of the three members is enabled.

The people involved in the Registry centre work all on a voluntary basis.

3. Competency :

The registration centre has knowledge about the territory and the environment surrounding it. Practically each centre can register directly every citizen who asks for it wherever they live and whatever this person 's situation is.

4. Equipment :

As soon as a registration centre opens, then people in charge must collect some equipment if they can :

  • a type writer or a computer
  • stationary in name of the new centre
  • a rubber stamp made according to the WCR standards
  • another rubber stamp with the inscription "World citizens" and the registration centre mailing address.


In order to register as a World citizen, the applicant should provide :

the filled and signed registration form including information about identity residence and full mailing address

the registration fee. The current price is 15 euros. But with the agreement of the WCR the price can be reduced for who cannot pay as much.

one ID picture.

The registration centre should have some ID cards available. they can be bought in advance from the WCR

1) On the registration form the person in charge writes the ID card number and the delivery date. The registration forms are to be filed at the centre.

2) The person in charge establishes himself the ID card and gives it directly to the new world citizen. This card should be typed and if possible without any mistakes. The picture has to be glued at the indicated spot and the WCR stamp should be applied nearby covering part of the picture. The card should then be completed with the delivery date.

With the card several documents are also given :

  • a letter explaining the meaning of the card and the way to help and talk as a world citizen
  • a form to register a friend
  • the world citizen pact to be inserted in the card

3) He fills carefully using the information on the card, a form in 2 samples

  • one sample filled in the computer or on paper
  • one sample that he will send to the Registry as soon as possible or during the next 3 months if he does numerous registrations.

The form must include :

  • The card number and delivery date
  • First name and last name as mentioned on the registration form
  • Date and place of birth
  • Occupation if applicable
  • Complete mailing address

The registration forms are kept and filed in the Centre.


The registration centre director receives the form of all the registered world citizens.

He watches the files carefully : and make sure nobody uses them for other purposes than world citizenship.

He updates the files if necessary as soon as he receives more information about the registered world citizens such as :changes of names and addresses, death of members. etc…

He transmits all the new information to the Registry to help update the central files.


Ordinary revenues :

The treasurer keeps a precise and regular accounting of the revenues and expenses.

Revenues of a registration centre are :

  • Half of the registration fees for the ID cards
  • 2/3 of the voluntary contribution given by the world citizens registered
  • revenues from subscriptions if the centre publishes a newsletter
  • any revenue authorized by the law of the country, for example :
  • any subsidies given without any condition attached.

Payments to the Registry :

The registration centre must pay to the world citizen Registry :

  • half of the registration fees paid for the ID card delivery
  • 1/3 of the voluntary contributions given by the registered world citizens
  • However some special arrangements can be made between the registration centre and the World citizen Registry.

Transfers of money to the Registry can be made :

  • By mail check through post office (CCP 2848 94 Y Paris ) or international check or bank check in Euros ;
  • By wiring the money on a special account (ex : to UEA for the esperantists, or by PayPal)
  • Or in case of transmission problems by finding special arrangements with the Registry.

Old or damaged cards can be replaced by the Registry as well as those given to replace used, damaged or lost cards.


The registration centre provides the information about world citizenship and "mundialism", best adapted to the local situation :

Newsletter distribution, publication of pamphlets and posters, setting up information stands, book and "mondialists" publications sales, conferences, debates, radio shows, postal and electronic mailings and promotion through the media.

The expenses are paid by the registration centre using the ordinary revenues.

The centre can participate in collective action whose goals are clearly "mondialists" but it must refrain of any particip ation or declaration according to the "neutrality" principle .


At the end of each financial period, the centre's manager sends to the WCR and activity report, specifying :

  • the number of cards delivered during the past year
  • the information and animation model adopted
  • the composition of the centre working team
  • the financial situation including revenues, expenses and the balance.*

In the mean time the registration centre accountant will close the account with the WCR.


This guidelines are for general cases. For special cases the WCR can give dispensations

Updated 12-2005





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