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Administrative Council

in Lome (Togo) on september 2, 2010

Report of the of the World Citizens Registry held at the BE (Lome-Togo) Community Center
on the occasion of the Mundialist Studies Seminar

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  • Daniel Durand:President
  • Patrice Lovesse: Secretary General
  • Sovon Kodzo Akakpo
  • Francois Tete
  • Kouablan Antoine Kouassi


  • Genevieve Charpentier:Vice President
  • Karl Kpodo: Deputy Secretary General (present at the seminar but excused for the meeting)


  • Djissenoukomi D. Laurent(representing the village of AHEPE KPOWLA(Villagers' Committee of Development)
  • Djolegbenou Koffi (representing the village of AHEPA KPOWLA---VCD)
  • Tchamdja Yao
  • Agbogah Honore Comlan
  • Guinli Kangni John Koku

President of session :Daniel Durand
Secretary of Session: Francois Tete

The session opened at 15 H 15



The President explained:

  • On account of the history, the World Citizens Registry is linked to French legislation and that the Registry is therefore often perceived as a French Organization whereas it is transnational and global.
  • that there has been a paternity link of the World Citizens Registry with regard to the Peoples Congress right from the start during the Bruxelles Congress in May 1963,when the Registry was charged to give birth to the Peoples Congress in link with the Committee for the Peoples Congress,whereas it is not normal that a technical instrument (the Registry) be above the political organ.
  • that this bond of paternity has been overthrown during the session of the Peoples Congress in Brasilia in May 2009 when the Peoples Congress mandated the World Citizens Registry on the question of the human identity,and from this act,the World Citizens Registry has become a strategic organ of execution of the decision of the Peoples Congress.
  • this implies the recognition of the World Citizens Registry as an institution of the Peoples Congress.
  • that this recognition indeed opens a new legal path for the World Citizens Registry which can proceed from the French legislation to be placed under the competence of the Peoples Congress.

After a round table discussion,it was decided to put in place a working group for the preparation of federal statutes of the World Citizens Registry to which could be affiliated the present diverse structures.The International Centre of the World Citizens Registry would become one of the affiliated structures.

The working group will take into account the present discussion to know if the Correspondents of the Registry will have within the federation the same status as the Registration Centres. The working group was charged to make the proposals on this subject.


Further to meetings held in Paris on 9 and 10 April 2010, the Administrative Council decides to renew the outgoing Bureau and be assigned the task of forming the working group above.

2.:Creation and evolution of Registration Centres

Bohicon: The Benin Center for registration of World Citizens (CEBECIM) goes well. It holds information meetings and talked about world citizenship during several radio talks

Lome:Togo Centre (RECIM-Togo) is the organizer of the Mundialist Studies Seminar and the proposed mundialized village and commune AHEPA Be is the result of many efforts made over many months.RECIM-Togo is currently planning to establish offices in several major cities in Togo.

Nkongsamba (Cameroon)Alain Noel Njiokem Kwatchou should have been here at this seminar and the Administrative meeting. .Special circumstances have prevented him from moving. Correspondent of the World Citizens Registry since the end of 2009,he has made over 350 registrations of which about 200 were called to vote in the Peoples Congress of the electorate under ''B''. Alain Noel Njiokem Kwatchou is currently working to establish a registration centre .

The constitution was adopted and approved at the prefectural level in Nkongsamba;several meetings were held and the association is awaiting approval by the World Citizens Registry.Alain Noel is the only member of this association to have its final card.After discussing this issue,the Administrative Council decided to submit for approval by the Registry on the condition of the acquisition of the final card by at least two other World Citizens in this association.The Bureau will then decide. This decision is valid for all circumstances and will be included in the Federal Regulations.

Ouagadougou.(Burkina Faso)Souleymane Drabo ought to attend this seminar.He has retained the status as Correspondent of the Registry,but in the name of the CAFES,it sponsors the Registration Centre in Ouagadougou,under the responsiblity of Adama Ben Yahia Traore,Boukary Zon and Jean-Pierre Ouiya. The CAFE intends to sponsor other registration centres as far as its development is concerned across West Africa:Guinea.Niger and others.

Abidjan (La Cote d'Ivoire) Antoine Kouassi here present is commited to becoming Correspondent of the World Citizens Registry in Abidjan,especially in the Esperanto world. This commitment will be formalized during the Mundialist Studies Seminar


The financial report for the years 2008 and 2009 has been approved by the General Assembly held in Paris on April 9,2010.

Finances are healthy,broadly in balance.They allow the running costs of the World Citizens Registry and the current elections to the Peoples Congress.

Contributions: To the question put by one of the observers,it was explained that world citizenship being an identity,no one shall be deprived of that identity under any pretext whatsoever.There can't be obliged yearly dues,but a moral duty to voluntarily contribute according to his means.

It was recalled that the normal price of a World Citizen Card is 15 euros but reduced by half for those in financial difficulty (or 5.000CFA francs) Specific agreements may exist between the World Citizens Registry (at federal level) and its affiliated centres

The meeting adjourned at 16 h. 30


Meeting held at the BE Community Centre September 3,2010

A contribution to the Mundialist Studies Seminar focused on the topic:

  • The background and objectives of mundializations were explained.
  • The importance of mundializations has been presented according to periods and geographical situations:the Cold War era,nuclear disarmament,conflict situations.
  • The areas of collaboration already presented at the meeting in March 2009 at Creteil were recalled.

The Assembly now meeting, reinforced by the representation of the village of AHEPE and the Commune of BE, sit in Council of World Citizens Territories.

The meeting was convened on July 24,2010

As such,the Council of World Citizens Territories decides to support the campaign of the organization "Mayors for Peace" to demand the dismantling of all nuclear weapons before 2020 within the framework of the decade 2010 - 2020 of the United Nations for nuclear disarmament..The Council invites everyone of the World Citizens Territories to make the same move.

At Lome,at BE Community Center,on 3 September 2010

To be registered as a World Citizen

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