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3 - March 1980


"The Olympic games are competitions between individuals, not between nations".

Such were the words used by Pierre DE COUBERTIN when hi wrote article 7 of the International Olympic Committee Charter.

World Citizens think the same thing !

But Olympics, as most human organizations, have been lured into worshipping, every day, in a more fanatic way, new gods : the Nations-States.

The athletes have become the servant of the nation that shapes them, that trains them, that pays them. The champion has to be grateful for this, so, when he gets to the podium, he must be the emblem of the glory of his nation, show off for the flag, the anthem, the grandeur, the genius of his nation. The competition is no longer sports, but politics. If the champion wins, his or her mother country is praised and sung, if he or she loses, it is a national disaster. Actually, in our world divided between rival Nation-States, any athletic competition at international level, becomes a fight between nations.

While the world over, the heavy noise of army boots is heard, while the political leaders speak of the threat of war, the peoples are trifled with and told the story of the boycott of Olympics.

These games, though, at first, were meant to be in perfect contradiction with nationalism. Why not imagine, to day, that modern nations should agree, as the ancient cities of Greed did, on a truce that would enable each young participant, wherever he or she comes from, to win if he or she is the best athlete ?

Why should we not revert to Olympics that have no anthem, no flag, no national interest ?

Why could not the location where Olympic Games take place be chosen in a completely neutral, extra-territorial spot, more so in one of the thousand mundialized cities which have been created throughout the world ?

Then, little by little, mankind would progress towards the reducement of national sovereignty that René CASSIN, the father of Universal Human Rights and Nobel Prize for Peace had so ardently wished for.





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