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5 (May 1980) -


In 1955, 107 British Members of Parliament (Lords and Commons) belonging to the Mundialist Parliamentary Group following Henry USBORNE and Patrick ARMSTRONG, presented project NEPTUNO which suggests placing the seas and oceans off national bounds under United Nations' jurisdiction. This project, in 1956 was brought to the attention of the Foreign Office and of the French Prime Minister of that time, Edgar FAURE.

As usual, the political leaders, in the name of what they call being realistic, did not pay any attention to the project.

Since then, "black tides" have multiplied and become more severe ; sea and ocean pollution increases dangerously ; the ship owners who sail under fake colors, those slave owners of our modern world, keep spreading devastation ; the off shore borders of Nation- States are placed farther out because of the private decision of each state to extend to 200 miles the limits of its national off shore waters ; Nation- States to protect these new frontiers, increase their war fleets ; the amount of fish caught decreases while the population grows !

To day, disasters happen in French Brittany, in Mexico, in Mauritania, to morrow, it may be Great Britain, the Netherlands or Italy.

No solution to the problem of the just administration of the ocean can be found an Nation- State level. The time has come to turn back to the project of the British Mundialist Parliamentary group : world law for a world problem !

A Nation- State left to itself, has obviously no power to solve the problem of blacks tides.

In 1973, the delegates elected to the Peoples Congress among whom Josué de Castro assessed that the World Ocean, the common heritage of Humankind, had to be safeguarded from the unrestrained greed of Nation- States, and asked that an adequate WORLD INSTITUTION be created, endowed with limited but effective powers, in a position to oblige Nation- States to follow the rules that are essential for the survival of the World Ocean and for its being exploited for the sake of the whole of humankind.

This plea becomes every day more urgent, but how many more ocean disasters will be brought about before the nation leaders agree to delegate some of the power they detain to this World Institution ?

To day, we can see that the victims of black tides are the victims of the selfishness of each nation- state because national sovereignty has won over rational ideas.





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