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The seas of the world

Paris, September 21th, 1973
United Nations General Assembly

World Declarations


 Signed by Josué de Castro, first delegate elected to the Peoples Congress on September 21st, published the day of his death, September 24, 1973

 To the United Nations General Assembly concerning the laws for the sea.

 The seas of the world

 As delegates of the Peoples Congress, elected directly and democratically by a trans-national electorate from 110 countries

 We state

That the seas of the world

  • Represent a vital, essential element in climates stability and the distribution of water on the planet
  • Contains enormous but not inexhaustible wealth - food ,energy and raw materials

We state

  • That the seas of the world, missing an own legal status are the object of the Nations states frantic desire
  • There is a great risk to see the Nations States cut up seas and oceans for their own profit
  • There is a great risk to see the level of pollution increase until all this wealth is destroyed

We declare

That the seas of the world

  • Are a common asset belonging to all the inhabitants of the Planet
  • Must be sheltered from unrestrained greed

We ask

For the creation of specialised world institutions with limited but real power, able to impose their regulations to Nations States that are vital for the survival of the seas of the world and for its exploitation for the benefit of all the species

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