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Born in 1983
World Citizen Card;183,801
Residing in Vietnam


I was born in Vietnam in July 4 1983. I received my high school education in Danang, Vietnam. I arrived in France in 2002 for graduate studies. After 5 years I obtained a Master's degree in Information Technology. Then i worked for a French Company from 2008 until early 2010.

At the end of 2002, a Vietnamese friend resident in France asked me to help prepare the mailing of the Quarterly Report of World Citizens of the French Center. That's how i got to know of World Citizens and Mundialism. So i took my World Citizen Card in 2003. Then from September 2003 to February 2010,i took charge of the administrative secretariat of the French center (except in may 2006 to April 2007)

In February 2010,i returned to my country because i wanted to work in southeast Asia.

In addition to my activities in mundialism, I am active within the Collective Vietnam Dioxin (Orange Agent). In fact, dioxin on Vietnam launched during the American war is still claiming victims today. Many children are born deformed because of the infiltration of dioxin into the soil.

Declaration of intention

During my stay in France, i found out that many people do not find it useful to take a World Citizen Card because they say 'I am already, indeed a World Citizen. What's the point in having this card? Sometimes, i can convince them by explaining that taking the World Citizen Card is a concrete commitment because it allows to vote in elections to the Peoples Congress.

My goal is to promote mundialism to the youth in southeast Asia because in this region, they do not consider themselves World Citizens as a matter of fact. I want to show them that mundialism is the future political shape to meet the problems which are at the planetary level and southeast Asia, as other regions of the world is surely always concerned by this world's problems. That all the peoples of the world may be represented at the Peoples Congress, so also those of southeast Asia, as they too have their say and their ideas to propose a harmonious life on earth. Lastly, if elected as a delegate, i will propose that within the framework of World Environmental Authority, the Peoples Congress includes the prohibition of the manufactured or at least the use of defoliants. For 35 years after the end of the war and after two generations, the chemical (manufactured by Monsanto and Dow Chemical) spilled on my country's forests by the U.S. military still causes disease and painful human catastrophe.

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