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Paris, March 29, 2008

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Present :

  • Daniel Durand, President
  • Geneviève Carpenter, Vice-President
  • Peter Davidse, Treasurer
  • Joel Luguern, Thierry Toulon, Pierre Pinçon, Patrice Lovesse, Claudine Jousseaume, Claudine Fischer (associate) Jean-Claude Loewinski (associate) André Desnoyers (associated) Roger Winterhalter (associate)


Liliane Metz-Krencker (Secretary General), Jean-Michel Richard, Didier Marchand, Landing Niassy, Michael Ehinger, Khemisti Bechairia, Dieudonné Bwelongo,

Gave their power:

Liliane Krencker-Metz, Christopher Hamer, Landing Niassy, Dorin Hehn, Urbain Kapoko, David Randriamboavojy, Robert Ratendrombohangy Livah Rakotohasimbola, Leo Rebello, Hermine Togbe da Silva, Jeran Verstraeten, Ireneo Wilzinsky, Abisse Raymond Kouamé

The credentials are distributed to those present. Each member of this registry so with 2 votes. With a total of 26 persons, the statutory quorum is reached and the General Assembly be valid.


Marie-Therese Bougard, Brigitte Carraz, Cyril Bicheron, Chantal and Sylvain Blaude, Marie-Francoise Lamperti, Vincent Peingnez, Marc Garcet, Heloisa Primavera, Pierre Cogneras

Memory is made of our friend Andrée-Rollet Gaymard died on 8 August 2007 at age 94. Andre has participated in the Registry of World Citizens for 30 years from 1970 to 2000. With Jacques Truchot, she founded the Research Center for World Education (CREPEM), and edited several books on global citizenship.

1. Moral report

The President presented his report on moral rather than two years, but over 10 years. Indeed, the President concluded his 5th term of 2 years or 10 years who have helped lay the foundations for a genuine opening to the future.

He first had to resist pressures that wanted to make the registry a movement, which is contrary to the principle laid down by founder Robert Sarrazac neither move nor doctrine. The registry is nothing more than a list, a sort of status. In addition, the maintenance of neutrality: we remain open to all currents working for global democracy, without privileging one.

The file has been reconstructed, the number of centers and corresponding increased from 13 to 63 (in 45 countries). This is a sign of an important work and sharing responsibilities.

1998: Several activities have been generated by the fiftieth anniversary of the Garry Davis.

1999: Start of Metz co Liliane-Krencker, first as a translator, then from 2002 as General Secretary.

2000: amending the Statute of the registry

2002: After the death of Renee Marchand, director of the French Center, vice president of the Registry, but also holds many other responsibilities to the Peoples Congress, the AMIP, CILAME ... For its part, the French Center has arranged for the maintenance of the Center, while the registry has gradually resumed all activities related to the Peoples Congress. This resulted in a large number of meetings with lots of reports in three languages. Between 2002 and 2007, there were 17 meetings and numerous trips, culminating in the 11th election and the meeting of the Peoples Congress in Liege 2, 3 and 4 November.


March 2003: renovation of the front of the local registry in Paris.

May 2003: debate global strategy;

October 2003 meeting of the Peoples Congress with the participation of 7 delegates and a good number of representatives of organizations in favor of globalism. The result was the creation of the Consultative Assembly with the Peoples Congress (ASCOP), and bases of the amendment of the Rules of the Peoples Congress.


October 2004 meeting in Mulhouse. Adoption of the Charter of the ASCOP. Over 50 participants from 17 nationalities. 10 organizations represented. There are now 80 organizations in ASCOP, and about 800 people receive information from the ASCOP by email.

In 2005, meeting in Frankfurt and Social Forum border Mulhouse.

In 2006, quarantine of Call of 13.

The March 4 meeting of the Peoples Congress with the creation of the Legal Service Registration

Meeting in Sydney (Australia) for the establishment of an Association of World Citizens; participation in the Symposium Lucknow (India) and globalization of CMS (City Montessory School); participation in the meeting in Geneva UBUNTU (World Movement created by Federico Mayor, former Director General of UNESCO);

Attendance at the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education of UNESCO to Judge Christopher Weeramantry; holding a press conference at the Foundation for Human Progress. The most important event of the year 2006 was particularly successful holding of the seminar Bohicon World Survey (Benin). The Seminar made a number of recommendations which were subsequently taken into account by the Peoples Congress at the meeting in Liege. A Bohicon 1 tree planting of world unity.

In 2007, launch of elections to the Peoples Congress from Magdeburg (Germany), March 18 during Citizens' Day of the World. Attended a lot of preparation that lasted three months with the participation of 12 volunteer translators.

Other contacts:

Verdun: Contacts were made with the World Center for Peace Verdun. We had an agreement for activities around March 20, a day of global unity, but center officials have not responded.

Caen: Contacts are underway with the Caen Memorial, and it is anticipated that we participated in a symposium on Human Rights in December of this year.

Questions raised during the debate:

The archives are mostly gathered Cigalo in the family of Marchand. The treatment, classification and conservation of archives are a concern. Recently a track was suggested, because in Europe there are opportunities for free with digital archiving of all documents and public access through the Internet. This issue should be addressed at a General Assembly of the French Center.

Peter Davidse said that archiving can also be done in Amsterdam by the International Institute of Social History.

Another possibility with the Abbé Pierre Foundation. The Foundation addresses the archives of all organizations in which the Abbé Pierre was involved.

The activity report was adopted unanimously with one abstention.

2. Financial Report

With the help of documents: "Results 2007.xlr" and "Overview 2007.xlr"

Peter Davidse this finances in 2007, noting the negative balance sheet of about 3,000 euros. It is of course related to elections that have cost about 7,000 euros. This raises the issue of elections to come.

The 2,000 euros paid by the French were as exceptional contribution to support the elections to the Peoples Congress.

Given this indication, the report was approved unanimously with one abstention.

Elections to the Administration Council.

The Administration Council is renewed by half every two years for a term of four years. Eligible ordinary members or associates Registry assets during the previous two years, for this election: 25 people. 5 of them have brought candidates. The election of people who have not applied is subject to acceptance post. The vote takes place by secret ballot.

Are elected for a term of four years: Daniel Durand, Patrice Lovesse, David Foncho, Kpodo Karl Urban Kapoko Sumaili, Yen Cuadro Campos, Florence Cusson, Michael Ehinger, Ursula Grattapaglia, Dorin Hehn, Claude Jousseaume (*), Jean-Claude Loewinski, Rene Marlin, Michel Michelet, Giancarlo Rinaldo, Ivanka Stoyanova, Hirofumi Sueyoshi.

4. Report of the Registration Centers

A follow in the newsletter world RECIM forthcoming.

(*) Due to a dispute concerning the eligibility of Claude Jousseaume, the Bureau will decide on the validity of his election.

The General Assembly is close to 12 h 30


The meeting was called to order at 14: 00

1. Life Registry

Card of World Citizens

The Registry makes the cards World Citizens in 15 languages. For prices at the printer, he was ordered more than necessary. Nearly 20,000 blank cards are stored in the registry, mainly German, Swedish, Japanese. Even if these cards are in good condition, it seems appropriate to reflect before embarking on the edition of the map into new languages: Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Catalan ... In addition, these cards are ordinary cardboard and thus prone to deterioration in particular for reasons of moisture or wrinkling. In addition, the card format no longer corresponds to-door maps of the market. The proposal was made to switch to plastic cards sized bank for new languages and at the express request of citizens concerned for the present languages. Another proposal is for the case of Internet check-in, and in this case, the card could be printed directly by the new Citizen of the World. To the question: "The Administration Council accepts there that there several formats map", the required majority was not reached.

2. Financial reports from the Centers and the Registry

The current provisions require that the Registry sells cards to go with immediate payment. These provisions create the problem of cards distributed at reduced prices, maps made to replace lost or damaged cards, cards and missed or injured during the broadcast. Proposal is made that now's share in the Registry is not paid on delivery, but annually by simple division of amounts received for issuing cards. Unanimous agreement.

3. Election of officers

Election of President by secret ballot: Daniel Durand was unanimously elected.

Election of other officers of hands, unanimously.

  • - Vice-President: Geneviève Charpentier
  • - Secretary General: Patrice Lovesse
  • - Assistant Secretary: Karl Kpodo
  • - Treasurer: Peter Davidse

4. Accounts and financial situation

The Administrative Council suggests that sought more regular contributors who use the means of bank transfers permanent (euro zone) or greater use of electronic transfer through PayPal (excluding euro zone). It would also be desirable that a person charged with reminders of those who have committed to participate financially.

Claudine Fischer asked whether the new center Suisse Romande, founded in 2002, could not benefit from the funds left by the previous center at its closure in 1999. On this issue, Roger Winterhalter said that what was done in 2000 reflected a decision taken at the regular time, and that the accounts were approved by the General Assemblies of 2000 and 2002. We can not reverse that decision and the votes. As against, there would be no objection to the registry helps to fund a presentation on a project initiated by the Center Suisse Romande

5. Participation

Citizens Network of the World: the idea proposed last year by Marie-France Prin there was a rapprochement with the network SERVAS. Contacts are established. A person responsible for the network proposed to publish two articles, one in French Center newsletter, the other in the bulletin of the registry.

At Liege, at the session of the Peoples Congress was formed Network "Announcements Ensemble" which is a network for exchanging experiences under the ASCOP. It Alain Bal who occupies. At the invitation of Florian Ruymen, a meeting was held in Brussels between World Citizens and those who handle "without" (without paper, without work, homeless ...). From this meeting it will probably result in a proposal to be submitted in a timely manner to the Peoples Congress.

ASCOP forum for World Citizens. Launched in late December 2007, the first forum was proposed to 700 people around the world. 56 people have registered to participate. The main interventions are archived at: \ ascop \ debat02-en.htm A summary is being prepared. Thereafter a Joint Declaration will be proposed for signature by associations and individuals. The result will be transmitted to the Peoples Congress to December 10 2008.

6. Edition

Website: Thibault Carrier no longer sign of life, and the temporary site that it had opened for the introduction of the new website is closed.

7. The Congress of People and institutions of democracy worldwide:

(simple information or involvement of the Registry of World Citizens in structures)

AMIP: we asked the registry to decide on the resumption of activity in the AMIP. Historically, AMIP (Agence Global Information and Press) was first established in 1949 and published a newsletter ronéoté every day. The archives of this period are visible at the Museum World Cigalo (Dampmesnil 27). In 1980, the Peoples Congress recreated the agency has distributed over ten years, a monthly newsletter to the press. The archives are stored in the form of books there are still a few copies available. Meanwhile, AMIP published a press card distributed to some friends (Guy Marchand, Marc Garcet, among others). The activities were arrested in 1990. Recently, Henri Cainaud (Delegate to Peoples Congress, and now a member of the Council of Elders) called for the revival of the AMIP. Marc Garcet suggested that AMIP is placed under the responsibility of the Registry of World Citizens, what Daniel Durand replied that the Peoples Congress should have full responsibility for this agency if it deems necessary for its own communication

For its part Gilliane Le Gallic, Delegate to Peoples Congress, also a journalist, felt it was better that the Peoples Congress sign its communications by name, without hiding behind a screen name. Furthermore, if the activity of AMIP takes place on French soil, it must obey French laws. But French law provides for news agencies that the status of a company can make profits by selling information. But the structure of the registry is established yet in any other country. From this perspective, it seems impossible that the Registry as an association under the law of 1901 to take responsibility for the AMIP. Against by the Peoples Congress, if desired, can accommodate an agency in a country where legislation is less restrictive. Why not Brazil?

8. Elections 2010

Participation of Commons globalized and global associations.

Given that the Registrered Citizen of the World is involved in the frontline of the Commission on Elections to the Peoples Congress, and given the experience, the Administration Council has considered at first reading the proposed revision of Annex 2 of the Rules of the Peoples Congress. After reading, discussion and some arrangements, the text was adopted unanimously. Before being permanently applicable, this text will be submitted for approval by the Peoples Congress at the meeting in Brasilia in May 2009. The adopted text is available on the Internet at:\kdp\an2-an.htm. Now it can be used as such in contact with common global and global associations to participate in upcoming elections in 2010.

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