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It is often normal for people to feel as citizens of the world. However accepting world citizenship would mean that the world has become a democratic, political entity that would justify this choice

At the end of World War II, many people felt the need for a supra-national power and hoped that the UN would be built on this concept.

Unfortunately the UN were built on an inter-national basis and had to face a lack of power : more than 200 international conflicts that could not be avoided: hundreds of millions of people lost their lives in inhuman conditions : war, but also hunger, malnutrition and diseases that could have been avoided. Can also be added the waste of raw material ( war efforts and economy based on competition ) as well as dangerous pollution of humanity’s common spaces: the sea, the ocean floor, the air and many other problems . The international agreements can be denied anytime by the country that has signed it and present no guaranty of enforcement

Faced with the powerlessness of the UN that could be foreseen already when the UN chart was accepted, a human front of World citizens was organized in 1945.

In 1948 there was an extraordinary appeal from the world citizens for supra-national world institutions ; near to 1 million people declared themselves world citizens .

In 1949 the World Citizen Registry was created which role is to number those who on the planet declare themselves world citizen and wish to reach this new level of planetary democracy.

This is still the current objective of the WCR. The Registry has from 1963 until now worked at the elaboration of world electoral lists for the Peoples Congress.

Since 1949 we have registered 160.000 world citizens in 114 countries.  

Daniel Durand

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