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Council of world citizen territories

In March 2009, the Commission "Mundialization" of World Citizens has become an structural branch of Registry of World Citizens as the "Council of World Citizen Territories." The Mayor of one town has announced plans to contribute to the development of this branch through a project that could receive funding institutions. For this project to be managed as transparent as possible, the registry must open a separate bank account for the activity.

The proposal I am submitting today is whether you agree to open an account:

  • At a bank in the cooperative sector (Credit Cooperative, the NEF ...)
  • Under the responsibility of three members of the Board of Registry.
  • Under the supervision of an auditor

your answers to monde@recim.org

End of this consultation: 15 November 2011

The Territorial Council follows the citizens of the world wish forwarded by the author of the history and the need expressed in the organization of elections to the Peoples Congress.

Its purpose

  • accelerate the process of globalization across the planet
  • to grasp of world events to invoke the need for the establishment of global institutions
  • to participate in the organization of elections to the Peoples Congress
  • represent geographical communities concerned with the supervisory committee for elections to the Congress of Peoples
  • to foster relations between municipalities and territories mundialized
  • establish collaborative relationships with other networks of elected territorial service of peace and justice

It consists of:

  • representatives of municipalities and territories mundialized
  • Members of the Board of Registry of World Citizens.

It meets at least once a year at the invitation of the Chairman or, failing that, the Chairman of the Registry of World Citizens. He can work through correspondence and electronic means.

The financial resources come mainly from contributions by the municipalities and territories mundialized. They are temporarily managed by the Office of the Registry of World Citizens.


Procès-Verbal de la réunion du Conseil le 28 mars 2009 à Créteil (in French)

Municipalities and cities expressed symbolically "World Territories" and thus, by raising awareness of their inhabitants, the expansion of global democracy.

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