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Definition :

Is a world citizen every person who recognizes his or her belonging to the world community, acts according to this identity, and request that all the world problems be solved by democratic world institutions.

Registered or not every person on earth has the right to call him/herself a" world citizen".

Registered World Citizen :

Every person has the right to ask to be registered as a World Citizen without any discrimination about his/her nationality, beliefs or class.

Registration is just adding a name to the list of people who want to participate to world democracy.

Age : To be registered age is not important but to register children a signature of a responsible adult is required on the registration form..

Belonging : Every world citizen has the right to belong to the organization of his/her choice according to article 20 of the Declaration of Human Rights.

World Democracy : All the registered world citizens, more than 16 years old have the right to vote during the world transnational elections organized with the help of the World Citizen Registry.

Registration Organization :

The World Citizen List is managed by the "World Citizen Registry" WCR or RWC

The WCR is a world transnational organization independent of other organizations and powers in place. It functions like a democratic association. It includes all the responsible members (ordinary members) and the volunteers (associated members)

The WCR has the right to publish its by-laws in every country in order to allow it to have access to banks and postal services and benefits of some advantages. It can delegate its activities in a country to national and local organizations of its choice.

Registration Centers and Correspondents of RWC :

The Registry of World Citizens is the only institution in the world that has the right to deliver world citizen identity cards ; it is a prefiguration of a world identity service.

In order to act locally and nationally, the WCR delegates its work to local associations that become "Registration Centers" or to isolated citizens who become WCR "Correspondents". The role of this Registration Centers and Correspondents is defined in the Guidelines.

Mundialization of cities and communities "world citizen territories"

Municipalities and cities expressed symbolically "World Territory" and thus, by raising awareness of their inhabitants, the expansion of global democracy .

"Mundialization" is a means to accelerate the global awareness of human problems. While registration is a commitment indidivuel, mundialization can be seen as a collective commitment.


To be registered as a World Citizen

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