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Activities and suggestions

Some suggestions for mundialized towns and cities

  • To inform inhabitants of the aims and means of mundialization and the Peoples’ Congress
  • To invite municipal councils and local citizens to take part in elections and support elected delegates at the Peoples’ Congress
  • To make local populations, especially schoolchildren, aware of the mundialization of major problems such as pollution, hunger, demography, arms, and develop the idea of world service
  • To organize an annual mundialist day in schools
  • To inform other towns and municipalities of the aims and activities of the Peoples’ Congress
  • To study the possibilities of exchanges among mundialized towns and town dwellers
  • To eventually organize tourist trips
  • To set up a regular funding programme with the agreement of mundialized towns at the Peoples’ Congress
  • To make mundialization visible via monuments, town limit notices and a Mundialization Charter exhibited in Town Halls
  • To organize an annual celebration about a mundialist matter
  • To ensure the availibity of mundialist books in public libraries and the sale of mundialist publications in bookshops
  • To organize meetings among mundialized towns worldwide on the occasion of seminars and congresses
  • To study the extension of mundialization process to other countries, starting with small states, particularly those which do not have any army
  • To publish an annual newsletter
  • To cooperate with mundialist organizations, especially Mundialist Parliamentarian Groups and the "World Council of Mundialization" in Japan
  • To organize once a year a weekend so as to strengthen a Liaison Committee of Mundialized Towns
  • To set up a World Citizens House
  • To subscribe to World Community Against Hunger

Obviously, this list is not exhaustive. One may for instance add a drawing competition, a writing contest, a poetry competition on a world theme, a release of balloons and anything else your imagination can come up with.

Municipalities and cities expressed symbolically "World Territory" and thus, by raising awareness of their inhabitants, the expansion of global democracy.

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