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We the inhabitants of... declare through this charter that our town herby becomes world territory.

Our action means that :

  1. We declare that our security and welfare are linked to the security and welfare of all towns and districts of the world ;
  2. We wish to work in peace with all towns and districts of the world, to co-operate with them so that to establish a world rule of law which will assure our common protection under the aegis of a democratically elected and controlled world federal authority ;
  3. We call on all towns, districts and organizations of all kinds to vote for election of delegates to the Peoples' Congress, first assembly representative of their will on a world level ;
  4. We demand World Institutions to serve the World People and to solve the problems of security and environment and to satisfy the needs common to all humans ;
  5. We request that funds be made available from the districts budgets to make effective our common decisions ;
  6. We request of our own government that funds be made available from the military budget to be used for the financing of Peoples' Congress ;
  7. We call on all towns and all districts of the earth to join us in this charter of solidarity ;
  8. Without renouncing anything of our attachment, our duties and our rights toward our own region and toward our nation as far as they can compass with a wolrd order, we declare symbolically that our territory is world territory and as such, that it is joined to the community of our whole world.

  • Communities and cities are invited to sign the above charter.
  • The twinning committees, the mundialisation committees and all other organisations ,associations and mouvements are invited to join the Peoples' Congress Consultative Assembly (ASCOP)
  • Individuals are invited to register as a world citizen

Cahors and Department Lot (France) 50th anniversary (french language)

This Charter of Mundialization was adopted by the CAHORS Town Council then by 59 % of the CAHORS population an 82 % of the FIGEAC population in 1950, then over 1000 communities in 18 countries .. This charter is flexible according to geographical conditions or history. The only common point is called it calls for the development of global democracy

Municipalities and cities expressed symbolically "World Territories"
and thus, by raising awareness of their inhabitants, the expansion of
global democracy.

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