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The Institutions - Control Commission of Elections

Composition of the Commission of Control for the 2016 elections:

Composition de la Commission de Contrôle pour les élections de 2016 :

  • Peter Davidse, représentant le Mouvement Fédéral Mondial
  • Daniel Durand, coordinateur principal de l'ASCOP
  • Marie Carlens, Secrétaire générale de l'Assemblée des Citoyens du Monde (ASCOP)
  • Roger Winterhalter, porte-parole de l'Assemblée des Citoyens du Monde
  • François Têté, représentant de la communauté géographique de Kohé (Togo)
  • Laurent Son, du Comité pour le Congrès des Peuples
  • Thierry Botétémé, du Comité pour le Congrès des Peuples
  • Dominique Simeone, de La Libre Pensée

A control commission will be appointed by the Peoples Congress Executive Committee. It will be chaired by a member of the Wise People Council. (Regulations 3.6.)

The Control Commission includes:

  • Members of the Peoples Congress bureau
  • The ASCOP Principal Coordinator
  • The ASCOP General Secretary
  • One or several members of the Wise People Council
  • A representative of the World Citizen Registry
  • And representatives of the organisations which have participated in the 3 previous elections

The Control Commission is chaired by a member of the Wise People Council

  • It received the oaths of responsible persons of the voting process from design documents to the announcement of results.
  • It examines the candidacies and decides if they are accepted or rejected taking in account article 4.1, 4.2, and 11.2
  • It will make sure that there is a balanced distribution of candidacies according to the criteria described in article 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • It ensures a balanced distribution of constituencies
  • It ensures the regularity of voter participation and proper conduct of the count.

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