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1 - January 1980

As the world " GLOBAL " or the phrase " WORLD WIDE " are used in many different meanings, the French world " MONDIALISTE " changed into " MUNDIALIST " has been adopted in English ... by Mundialists, all over the world. The word was invented, over 30 years ago, by World Citizens and World Federalists, to give a name to a new political organization of the world which would replace the disorder we now have ; disorder fostered by the juxtaposition of Nation-States - each enjoying Absolute National Sovereignty - whose rivalry, inevitably, leads humankind to self destruction.

The Editor



MUNDIALISM is all the ideas and actions expressing the solidarity of populations of the globe and aiming to establish institutions and supranational laws of a federative structure common to them, while respecting the diversity of cultures and peoples.

MUNDIALISM is also a scientific approach to social and inter-individual phenomena as seen from the world point of view.

MUNDIALISM is striving to propose a new political organization of humanity involving the transfer of certain parts of national sovereignty to a World Federal Authority capable of solving, by majority decisions, the problems which call into question the future of the human race, such as : hunger, war, pollution, over-population and energy.

The requirements of MUNDIALISM will not be satisfied with the obligations of international treaties or agreements that lack effective sanctions.






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