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15 - March 1981


As DELEGATES to the PEOPLE'S CONGRESS, elected directly and democratically by a trans national electorate, spread over 110 countries


  • That the development of telecommunication satellites will bring in the near future, a possibility of broadcasting information or television programs that will be watched directly by viewers on their own television set all around the world .This development could shatter human , social and political relations at the international level.
  • That under current world conditions, some powers are able, thanks to their financial and technological means, to acquire a dominating influence on the nations located in their broadcasting areas.


  • That the United Nations conscious of that danger, have not been able to elaborate regulations to control direct televised broadcasting via satellites.


  • That the radio electrical frequencies that can be used for television by satellites are limited resources that are part of mankind heritage and the 1967 treaty on the exploration and exploitation of the extra atmospheric space cannot provide the right to a nation or a private company, to broadcast without restrictions via satellite any kind of television program send to an audience of foreign countries


  • That the installation and the management of telecommunication satellites be controlled by a federal world authority, the only one to be qualified of exercising mankind's legal responsibility and to manage its resources

    That immediately be undertaken at the request of government organisations, that recognizes its importance, a complete study of international public services (infrastructure -launchers -satellites) of a universal per satellite television that will be exclusively devoted to information, the defence of peace and to debate all the themes in relation with a the federal world organisation .






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