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24 - December 1981

In June 1982, a Special Session on DISARMAMENT will be held in New York. In 1978, a similar session held whose result was a failure, just as all the Conferences on Disarmament have been since 1899.

If an "effective control of disarmament" is really the wish of the parties, as it is stated 14 times in the Document that concludes the United Nations session of 1978, is it not urgent to address at laste, the principle of the absolute national sovereignty of each Nation-State ?

Mundialists are not the only ones that have acknowledged this necessity :

Leon BLUM said : "Disarmament implies, for the control to be effective, the limitation of national sovereignties" "The problems of Peace", 1931.

In 1946, André PHILIP recommended this principle to be written in the preamble of the Frenc Constitution, which DE GAULLE kept in the 1958 one :

Under provision of reciprocation France consents to the limitations of sovereignty necessary to the organization and defense of peace.

Numerous countries have similar provisions in their national constitutions (Italy, West Germany, India …).

Why do political parties and today the French socialist Party in office not follow these great predecessors to avoid self destruction of the human species in a third world war, whether designed or accidental ? This principle should be supported at the U.N. session in 1982 on DISARMAMENT.






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