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25 - January 1982

Where is today, the world authority that can take care of the claims of the Polish people ?

Definitively not the UN, where the nations-states are just sitting near each other, in powerless proximity because they are more prone to fight for their own national interests than for those of the people of the world !

Thus, with theses conditions, the Polish people, the Afghan people, the Salvadorian people, the Chilean people, etc ..; have no other choice than individual resistance, either violent or non-violent, at the risk of complete destruction.

World Citizens, firmly believing that ideological motives or nationalistic interests, reckoned as superior, in whatever regime then can be found, are too often the pretext for human rights to be trampled down, recommend a world organization based on the principles of federalism and reject the distribution of States into areas belonging to either the Western or the Eastern Bloc. They refuse the subservience of a people under a foreign government and do not accept the principle of non-intervention when the issue is restoring the rights of peoples.

They strongly declare that if each nation-state consented to give up a parto of its sovereignty to the benefit of a World institution instructed with defending the rights of peoples, the solution of these problems, that mean the very future of humankind is at stake, would begin to dawn.






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