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38 - February1983

World Community against Hunger
The World Community against Hunger, in executive conference on January 29th and 30th, 1983

that the present world structure inevitably leads to a savage international competition always unfavorable to the most disadvantaged,


  • That the exceptional development of the richest countries has been furthered through the underpriced exploitation of the mineral, agricultural and human resources of less favored countries,
  • That falls in exchange rate have too often led the governments of poor countries to encourage export crops at the expense of growing food for the population,
  • That hunger is directly or indirectly the main cause of mortality in the world.

The World Community against Hunger therefore reaffirms :

  1. That no individual or group should flourish to the detriment of another,
  2. That food is a human right, and that every man's work should primarily be channeled towards self-sufficiency in the basic needs of himself and his community,
  3. That development programs must in addition grant to each an expression of his or her dignity,
  4. That food, when exchanged, should not be treated as simply a commodity.

In consequence, World Community against Hunger

  • Draws the attention of consumers, producers and those in power, to the sometimes catastrophic repercussion of development springing purely from motives of profit or prestige ;
  • asks, pending the creation of a Global support organization that prices of agricultural products be fixed by agreement so as to enable the poorest producers to raise their standard of living,
  • demands that each country should point its agriculture and its food industry in the direction, not of financial objectives, but of reducing the dependence of its region in the matter of food, limiting trade to surpluses only.

Such development policies may help in, one day, ensuring that no human being is ever again threatened by malnutrition




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