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59 - November 1984

A GIANT WITH FEET OF GLAY : this describes the Western economy with 50 million poor people - called in France the "new" poor people - and the 1 or 2 billion destitute populations, in countries said to bi "developing", whose fate is determined by Western economy. It is, every day, on the brink of disaster, on the brink of financial crash, depending on the mood of money gamblers in London, Hong-Kong, New-York or Zurich.

While science has allowed for considerable progress because scientists have been constantly questioning the basic postulates and changed them when needed, economists have taken for granted David Ricardo's axiom stating that industry production never could exceed the demand in commodities. But actually, for a century, this axiom has proved false : industry produces more commodities than are needed and the fantastic riches turned out have lost their market value to such a degree that they are destroyed in order for the commodity, having become scarce, to keep market value. Destruction is carried out by means or wars, of crapping plants and factories, of quotas limiting output, of leaving millions of acres of land to lie fallow, when a vast number of poor people hunger for the destroyed (or not developed) riches.

Thirty years ago, the French government invited a priest, "Abbey Pierre" to take charge of charitable alms-house. In 1984, the French government calls abbey Pierre again … to take charge of charitable alms-houses. In 30 years' time, the Western economic system has not been improved and no rational utilization of the riches devised.

But, there is another side to abbey Pierre's personality : the mundialist.

In 1952, in London, he said to the Mundialist Parliamentarian Group (107 British members of the house of Lords and Commons) : "The issue is non between East and West, but North and South". and it has to be solved at world level, that is to say through world supranational laws requiring each state to delegate a quota of its sovereignty in a World Institution that would allow the monetary system to be modified so as to stabilize the rates of raw materials. Just the same it is only through a similar World Institution that the issue of mutual disarmament control can be solved.

But, when he is a mundialist, abbey Pierre is regarded as an "utopian" ; he is only regarded as being "realistic" when hi is called upon to exercise his charitable help. If 30 years ago, the "utopian" had been heeded, to day governments would not be compelled to call upon the "realistic" man.

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