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58 - October 1983

With Professor Paul de LA PRADELLE chairing, the PEOPLES' CONGRESS held its 7th plenary session and presented the following resolutions.

- Concerning the peaceful settlement of conflicts

Pending the establishment of a World Federal State which will guarantee the peaceful settlement of conflicts, the Peoples' Congress invites national governments to accept the obligation of submitting their conflicts, that cannot be settled by negotiations between the parties, to procedures of inquests, mediations, conciliations, judiciary rulings before the International Court of Justice or procedures before Arbitration Courts in Case of a right being protested or to procedures before Special Equity Courts in Case of pleas interesting a mutation of rights. The concept of "obligation" means that procedure can be initiated with the unilateral plea of one of the parties. The decisions of the Court and Tribunals bind the parties and means the acceptance of the decision of a third party.

- About disarmament and détente :

Any progress towards general, complete, simultaneous and internationally controlled disarmament, as well as any measures leading to détente, are equally desirable.

As for voting constituencies distributed all over the globe

The PEOPLES' CONGRESS, meeting at La Lambertie,

  • expresses its support to the drafting of a project for voting constituencies on a global plane, in view of a direct, universal suffrage election of a World House (or Parliament), with supranational legislative competency, following the world done by Hannah NEWCOMBE.
  • strongly recommends the creation of two other Assemblies so that, in a world federal system with representative assemblies, the voice of States, opinions and interests can complete the representative House of the populations.

- Chairpersons for 1984-1985

Have been elected for period 1984-1985 :

  • President of the Peoples' Congress : Douglas Mattern
  • Vice-President : Bhupendra Kishore

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