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Charter of World People
We, world people, consider that the human family dignity and its equal and inalienable rights should be recognized and should be the basis for freedom, justice and peace in the world.

We know:

  • That there is frequent opposition between national and the people of the world interests as well as the absence of a trans-national authority democratically elected to protect them ;
  • That hunger and poverty and wars are not inevitable but the consequence of the political organization of the planet ;
  • That there is a necessity to build societies which are democratic, just, durable and peaceful ;
  • That the world problems need global solutions respectful of the diversity of the human family ;
  • That man put in jeopardy the wealth of our planet because of the abusive exploitation of the soil, the underground and the sea ;
  • That individuals or groups of individuals act in a very egocentric way and do not care for others especially if they are far away.

We Want:

  • To participate to the creation of a world democratic parliament which is already represented by the Peoples' Congress ;
  • To promote peace, refusal of discriminations, equality in front of the law and a spirit of solidarity ;
  • To create a space for exchange and reflection, open to every one and to contribute to the construction of a better world linking initiatives taken here and there ;
  • To enrich each others from our diversity in order to find our similarities Link our reflections to experimentation and to concrete actions in the field ;
  • To protect the wealth and biodiversity of our planet for future and present generations ;
  • To make each individual and groups of individuals responsible for the welfare of others and the harmonious development of the planet.

We Ask:

Each organization and each individual whose ideals are "mundialist" and democratic to join the Consultative Assembly at the Peoples Congress in order to built a better world united, multi-cultural and peaceful .

Mulhouse, October 3, 2004

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