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1.1 Each delegate will have to consider himself or herself as part of a new entity and therefore held to the engagements towards solidarity in respect of the wishes of the electorate from whom he or she has received this mandate and the fidelity to the program upon whose basis he has been elected in order to achieve its realization

1.2. The deputes who, following the death or the resignation of an elected delegate, are called upon to replace them, must be ready to undertake these responsibilities


2.1. As a militant :

The mission of an elected delegate is first to be a "mundialist " activist holding a worldwide responsibility .Therefore he or she should be ready to serve in any "mundialist" action at the disposal of the concerned movements or associations, to participate in meetings and demonstrations or to give rise to them .It is very important that the elected delegate share his or her experience in all the fields, with research study teams and working groups

He or she is morally committed to make in every situation the People's Congress known by insisting on showing of his or her title of elected delegate

2.2.As a promoter :

The delegate's mission of propaganda will consist also to approach as close as possible:

  • The governments of the Nation-States
  • The political parties
  • The trade-unions
  • The international peace movements
  • The media

in order to make "mundialists" points of view prevail

It is especially through the elected delegates that should be spread around the world declarations about the current problems that they have periodically to sign.

2.3. As a politician:

The elected delegates must be prepared to play a political role at the world level that requires close contacts with existing international decision makers .It seems very important that in the next preparation phase of the creation of the People's World Assembly, elected delegates participate in NGOs (recognised or not), specialised agencies, intergovernmental organisations or in any other international body in order to prepare people's minds to the idea of a global management of the planet

3. Links between elected delegates:

3.1. The exchanges between delegates ought to be as frequent and fruitful as possible:

  • Direct exchanges by mail and email
  • Activities reports
  • Summary of recommendations
  • Meetings during information and work sessions

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