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Children's and Adolescent's Rights

August 19, 1979
International Children's year

World Declarations


As DELEGATES to the PEOPLE'S CONGRES elected directly and democratically by a Trans national electorate, spread over 110 countries


  • That children and adolescents represent more than half of the world population and are the future of mankind
  • That however the fate of most of them does not worry sufficiently the generation who gave them birth

In fact:

  • The numerous declarations in their favour made at the UN have had no impact at all
  • The International Labour Organisation recognized that it could not abolish child labour everywhere in the world
  • The basic needs for survival are not available for them all
  • Almost everywhere, children and teenagers remain totally dependant on adult's power and bound to the economic and financial priorities that suit the adults
  • In some countries they are deprived of freedom, forced into alienating and dehumanising institutions under the pretext of family morality
  • The observance of certain traditions means for some of them to the loss of their physical and moral integrity leading to severe mutilations and tortures


  • The propaganda made by several Nation-States in favour of an excessive and irresponsible demographical growth destined to insure economical, racist and ideological predominance
  • The low level of alphabetization and education in the Third and Fourth World countries slows down the emancipation of the young generations.
  • The Compulsory military conscription for young people in most of the Nation States
  • The sale of children and adolescents


  • That every child and adolescents is a complete human being whatever his or her race and his or her socio-economical origins are
  • That he or she has his or her own personality and his or her specific needs due to his or her growth
  • That each child or adolescent has the right to affection , free information, freedom of belief, of thoughts and expression and consequently the right to share the decisions concerning his family and social life.
  • That every adolescent who works has the right to a salary that he or she can spend freely and should be protected by social security like the adults are

WE ASK THEREFORE for the creation of WORLD FEDERAL and DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS, endowed with limited but real power to enforce universal rights of the children and adolescents.

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