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February 28th, 1982

World Declarations


As DELEGATES to the PEOPLE'S CONGRESS, elected directly and democratically by a trans national electorate, spread over 110 countries


  • The 10 points of the September 12, 1973 declaration adopted by the International WHO Alma- Ata Conference on Primary Health Care


  • That every human being has the right in the existing conditions of the group he belongs to, to perfect physical and mental harmony, called health


  • That the effective and general recognition of this right supported by planetary solidarity, required by the present situation, implies on the part of the states the sacrifice of part of their sovereignty to the benefit of the world community


  • That the right to health is fundamental that its enjoyment must be equally warranted to all humans
  • That this right has in balance the duty for the individual and the group to practice hygiene and to submit to preventive and curative medicine
  • That the right and the duty concerning health must be protected through the political involvement of governments providing training and the organisation of public health education. Those policies should take in account the beliefs and the particular value system of the group, if individual physical and mental integrity are taking care of.


  • That the respect of the States absolute sovereignty prevents WHO from processing information about the health state of some designated countries

WE REQUEST consequently:

  • That every national health policy be able to find in a World Health Institution, with real and well defined powers, support and control services that warranty its development and protection towards the financial interests and political outside interventions

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