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Born in 1944
World Citizen Card number : 24.249
Address : Coogee (Australia)

Declaration of intention summary

I am convinced of the need for a global parliament to deal with the enormous global problems that confront humanity. I have campaigned against nuclear weapons, and founded the World Citizens Association of Australia in order to further these objectives.


  I am a physicist at the University of New South Wales in Australia. I obtained my PhD from the California Institute of Technology in 1972, and have published over 140 papers in refereed scientific journals. I have been interested in issues concerning nuclear disarmament and global governance for many years, and was National Secretary of Scientists Against Nuclear Arms (SANA) in Australia, 1989-92. I am convinced that global problems require global solutions, and global governance. I have been a member of the World Federalists Association (now Citizens for Global Solutions). I was an Academic Board Member of the Association to Unite The Democracies, 1999-2002, and the World Citizens Association (US), 2001-2.

I have established a General Education course at the University of New South Wales, entitled 'Nuclear Arms and the New World Order', and have acted as convenor since its inception in 1988. I have written and self-published a book: 'A Global Parliament: Principles of World Federation' (Oyster Bay Books, 1998). In 2007, I initiated a new General Education course on 'International Governance in the 21st Century', which is now running for the first time.

In 2004, I founded the World Citizens Association (Australia), and have served as President to try to further the cause by recruiting new members and spreading the message to the public.

Declaration of intention

I am convinced that some sort of global parliament is necessary in order to deal with the enormous global problems that confront humanity, such as : elimination of weapons of mass destruction, combating global warming and other threats to the environment, preserving human rights, and eliminating epidemic disease, starvation and absolute poverty in the Third World.

I an committed to working towards this end, and have established the World Citizens Association of Australia to pursue them. We hope to work towards :

  • Educating people on these issues ;
  • Recruiting more members to the cause ;
  • Lobbying politicians on these issues ;
  • Working together with other mundialist associations around the globe, such as the Peoples Congress, towards these ends.

More specifically, we are lobbying for the development in our region of a Pacific Islands Community out of the present Pacific Islands Forum ; and on the global scale, I would like to see NATO restructured as a general security community of democratic nations, with new members such as Japan, Australia and New Zealand in the Pacific, eventually open to all stable, democratic nations as a peacekeeping organization. It could then become the basis for the system of global governance we are looking for.

document : "Transforming NATO and OECD"

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