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Born in 1946
World Citizen Card number : 47.532
Address :in Issy les Moulineaux (92, France)


I am a world citizen since March 1967 and a militant in many humanistic and ecologist organisations (Survival International, Sortir du Nucléaire etc.)

  • September 1969: I left for South Vietnam as an overseas development worker and then I stayed as an independent journalist until 1973
  • Since 1984 in charge of South East Asia region for a French humanitarian and human rights foundation (state approved ). I have accomplished numerous humanitarian missions in this region of the world, especially in Cambodia and Vietnam
  • Writer and Editor of the quarterly bulletin for the French world Citizen Bulletin since 1997
  • Secretary general of the French Registration Centre from June 2002 to Mai 2006
  • Again Secretary General starting April 2007 until to day
  • Author of many books about Vietnam

Declaration of intention

If I am elected I will ask the people's Congress to make a decision on the 9 following questions :

  • 1. Esperanto compulsory for the UN employees and the UN Agencies (UNESCO, UNFPA, UNDP etc.) and the blue berets
  • 2. Debates on clandestine international migrations and all the problems linked to this world phenomena
  • 3. Creation of a Water World Authority, responsible of the use ,the management and the distribution of water and all the marine and under sea resources
  • 4. Ban on the construction of any new nuclear power station in the world as long as the problem of nuclear waste has not been solved. Ban on any outside growing of genetically modified plants
  • 5 Ban on all the "tax heavens ".
  • 6. Establishment of a tax on the transport of comfort and luxury goods and on international financial transactions
  • 7; Instauration of quotas on oil products calculated in proportion of the population. Instauration of a "green tax "that applies if the quotas are exceeded
  • 8. Instauration of an important tax on airline tickets .

This taxes will be used to support a respectful development of the planet

  • 9. Debate on the "grey ecology" meaning "pollutions of distances, life size, proportions and world contractions whose main engine is speed"

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