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World Citizen Card number : 157753
Address : Florida (Argentina)


Brazilian born and living in Argentina since the late sixties, I was formerly trained as a biologist and neurophysiologist at the University of Sao Paulo and University of Paris. Trying to merge my professional life and social activism, I did a Master Degree in Social Sciences writing a dissertation on "Peronism and social change", with the direction of Professor Darcy Ribeiro who opened my mind to the Great Latin American Mother Nation. Since the '80s, I was trained in the epistemological approach known as linguistic constructivism by the creators of the School of Santiago: Humberto Maturana, Francisco Varela and Fernando Flores. In my professional career, during the last twenty years I've been working in the domain of organisation design, conflict resolution and monitoring and evaluation of social programs, for private and public organizations, such as local and national governments, UNDP, IDB and Latin America Economic Comission, among others.

Coordinator and Professor at the Master Degree in Public Administration at the School of Economics of the University of Buenos Aires, I am also a candidate to the Ph D, with a research on "Complimentary currencies and social economy in Argentina: contribution from constructivism".

Engaged with the promotion of barter clubs with social currency in Latin America since 1996, I was responsible for the launching of the workshop on Social Money from the WSES (Workgroup on Solidarity based Socioeconomy) at the Alliance for a responsible, plural and united world, since 2000. With Philippe Amouroux, Laurent Fraisse, Marcos Arruda and Yoko Kitazawa, I integrate the Global Animation Team of the WSES, which manages currently 13 workshops. I am particularly involved with the process of launching a new transversal workshop on Integrated Development Projects and Strategies of Collective Intelligence building. In 1999, together with members from eight countries of the region, I was a co-founder of the Latin American Network of Solidarity based Socioeconomy - RedLASES. One of its main activities is the so called COLIBRI Project, which aims at training and networking 1500 promotors of Integrated and Sustainable Development in Latin America, co-funded by FPH (Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for Human Progress), Switzerland, Foundation for Quality and Participation and the Laboratory for Social Innovation, Argentina.

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